Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life terms for teenagers who kicked man to death are too low and should be appealed as unduly lenient, man dies after 5 weeks in coma

Dear All

The murderers of Nachhatar Singh Bola who was visiting Scotland from India have been sentenced for their crime.

Teenagers Dillon Cherrie, 16, Dean Logan, then 15, and Stewart Patterson, then 19 have been given life sentences for their unprovoked attack on a stranger.

In this case, I would like to see an appeal against the leniency of the sentences.

Dillion Cherrie, of Victoria Drive East, Renfrew is ordered to serve at least nine years before he can apply for parole.

Dean Logan of Bardrainney Avenue, Port Glasgow, is ordered to serve a minimum of nine years.

And Stewart Patterson was told he cannot apply for parole until he has served 10½years and an extra 4½months because he had been released on bail only the previous day after being in court on a weapons charge.

These sentences are too light.

Given the nature of their crime, these little bastards should be sentenced to prison and only released on the wrong side of 40.

They have destroyed Nachhatar Singh Bola’s family because they were high on drink and drugs.

After he was attacked Mr. Bola was taken to the General Hospital, Glasgow, he died five weeks later from pneumonia and multiple organ failure.

Visa difficulties meant his wife Baljinder Kaur arrived in Scotland too late to see him before he died.

As she left the High Court in Edinburgh, the tearful widow, 36, said:

“Those boys are probably sitting back thinking about their sentences and the rest of their lives. They probably have no understanding how they have destroyed my life and my family’s lives.”

She added:

“My kids will never see their father again. The families of those boys will see theirs again.”

The couple have a daughter, Manreet, 4, and a son Saranpreet, 8.

Judge Lady Dorrian said:

“You engaged in a vicious, sustained, mindless and unprovoked attack on a passing stranger.”

And the sentences don’t reflect that, she should have been saying something along the lines of, ‘You are hereby sentenced to 30 years.’

This is one case where Team Angiolini should get up off their doughy arses and start the paperwork for an appeal against sentence as being duly lenient.

Nachhatar Singh Bola is entitled to justice and his family should have our full support so they get it.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

Yes I think the sentences are too light for these 3 bastards. Moroever the Court ruled that this was NOT a racially motivated crime - which I think is BULLSHIT - it is purely a racist hate crime - they are 3 white trash kids and the victim was an Indian male - is there any rocket science about why they would attack him?? Why did they not attack a white man - there should be plenty in Scotland. Racist violence in UK Is out of control but the British government and Media very CLEVERLY conceal it and reports like these don't even reach the Indian media. Britain needs money from India now so they want to show their best side to Indians but I have lived in UK and left it after facing so much racist hatred there - it is dangerous to live in that country now and little murderers like these kids are walking all over the strets of britain with knives in their hands....but the police in UK harass innocent Asian kids instead stopping and searching them while all the crime is carried on by racist white pigs.

In my opinion they should be given the death penalty for such a sick crime - destroying the lives of an entire family that will never be able to face the world again. What compensation did the British government offer to an Indian tourist killed in an act of Racist hatred while coming to UK to spend his money there?? Why is the Indian community sitting quietly and doing nothing about this injustice?? Why do Indians in UK accept all the abuse and never raise their voices when the abuse is so bad and disgusting?? These 3 kids will learn to be bigger and better criminals in those 10 years in Jail and when they get out - they will be in the prime of their lives to commit more crimes and more violent acts of racism.... they should serve at least 30 years each in Jail and only then allowed to seek parole. I Hope Britain goes to hell soon - the way they treat foreigners is SICK and then cleverly twist the facts around to make themselves sound all fair and nice....the world knows what British have been upto and its only a matter of time before they are completely and openly exposed. Britain is a SICK country and British are SICK dirty people.... I would never go there again...and I would urge all Indians to stop going to UK and spending their money in UK.