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Police bonuses scheme scrapped ‘within days’, I wrote on the 13th December 2010 that the culture of entitlement at the Police must end

Dear All

On the 13th December 2010, I wrote about the culture of entitlement at Strathclyde Police and said it was time to draw a line under it.

Now, Police bonuses are to be scrapped.

At that time I wrote about one of the things most ordinary people wouldn’t associate with the Police is an expenses’ and padded out contracts culture.

It seems that my advice is being taken up, within days chief constables will be told that that they can stop rewarding rank-and-file officers who have extra skills or responsibilities.

This is a sensible move that will be a significant boost to chiefs desperately trying to save money.
The cuts coming down the pipeline start in April.

The Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland have lobbied for the change, with savings in the region of £16 million a year by abolishing so-called Special Priority Payments and other bonus schemes.

Of course the effect of this is that many officers will take a financial hit in the pocket but it will protect frontline services and people will still have a job.

Police reform has been long overdue but now there is political will to hopefully do what is necessary.

Service representatives claim morale is at an all-time low but with a new national Police Force on the cards, I expect morale to rise, stability will be at the heart of the new service.

And the new measure announced came just in time as a committee of Strathclyde Police Authority was yesterday scheduled to consider plans to force some 77 officers in to early retirement.

These people’s jobs have been saved.

Councillors on the committee have shelved the proposal, which would have cut staffing budgets by some £1.9m, as it emerged phasing out of bonuses would save more than £3m.

It seems that George Laird was right again, 13th December 2010, ahead of the curve.

And the Scottish Government and Police do read my blog.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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