Thursday, January 6, 2011

In politics, some people stick out as a ‘rising’ star but others are an electoral black hole, unelectable Charles Dundas is a prime example

Dear All

In politics, some people stick out as a ‘rising’ star because of their abilities but what about those who don’t twinkle and plod along like an old tired dog?

As someone who spent 20 years at the human rights abusing Glasgow University I saw quite a few of the current politicians on the circuit now.

So, I would like to flag up one ‘spanner’ from the toolbox.

While watching a piece on the bad weather in Edinburgh, Charles Dundas popped up on the telly, I was shocked when the title underneath said he was a Councillor.

Scottish Liberal Democrats’ Councillor Charles Dundas!

This is a guy who stood for any and every position as a student.

He wasn’t a leader of men which is unfortunate given his line of work and he had all the appeal of a wet fish in your pocket!

While pottering around the human rights abusing Glasgow University in my youth I noticed he was continually standing for election and getting rejected although he did manage eventually to get something.

They say that all political careers end in failure, he started failure early.

But in writing this I have to say he was likeable but not electable, not an ideas man, more like happy go lucky cannon fodder.

At present he is a Councillor for the City Centre of Edinburgh sitting on the Planning, Education, Transport, Environment and Audit Committees as well as the Lothian and Borders Police Board.

So what is his record of failure at the ballot box?

In the Scottish elections of 1999 he contested the Armadale West ward of West Lothian Council.

He failed.

Westminster Election 2001 Glasgow Baillieston.

He failed and was a ‘carpetbagger’ to boot.

Next up, Liberal Democrat candidate for Livingston by-election 2005 following the unexpected death of Robin Cook MP!

He failed there too.

Charles Dundas formerly of Glasgow University is unelectable but luckily for him, there is the multi member ward system, this allows people the public don’t want to be fostered on them regardless.

If Charles Dundas can be in politics, the field is wide open folks for you try.

I said it before and I will say it again, I am shocked!

Charles Dundas, likeable but not electable!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University