Thursday, April 14, 2011

Waiting for Labour, human rights abusing Glasgow University postpones cuts programme till after Holyrood election… Is it safe…. Is it Safe?

Dear All

It seems that human rights abusing Glasgow University has decided to put off a decision on their programme of cuts until after the formation of a new Scottish Government.

They probably want to see if the Labour Party win the election and then the coast will be clear to start cutting.

Glasgow University’s Court who isn’t known for anything special has agreed unanimously to the delay after unprecedented intervention from Michael Russell, the Education Secretary.

Isn’t amazing what having an SNP Government can do to save people’s jobs when corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli and senior management wanted to butcher whole departments and axe courses.

They wouldn’t be in this mess if they had a better Principal.

A University mouthpiece said:

“Court has decided to extend the period of consultation from May and will not take any decisions before its meeting in June.”

How convenient waiting till after the election, they must be hoping that the Labour Party if elected to office will rubber stamp their actions.

Glasgow University is also used as a retirement home for Labour Party politicians and wannabes, Sam Galbraith and Graeme Pearson.

Another reason cited for the delay was the argument that the consultation on the proposals was not long enough to explore alternative options.

Given Glasgow University’s standard solution to a problem is to get rid of it, can we seriously expect someone to get off their arse and work?

New ideas mean new thinking and there isn’t a mental powerhouse in there.

One solution is to do joint university/college partnerships which would transfer courses and departments to colleges thus reducing costs which still keeping Glasgow University degree status.

However we must remember corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli couldn’t even save the local uni ‘tuck shop’ called the Hetherington Research Club.

It took the students to keep that chugging along.

Dave Anderson, president of the Glasgow University branch of the UCU, said:

“We welcome the decision to extend the consultation and we hope that Court will take full account of the view of staff and students and recognise the importance of the threatened areas to the institution. There had been concerns from the outset that the timetable set for the consultation was unrealistic. That was a view shared by both students and academic staff through the Senate. The decision will now be taken at a time when the funding position in Scotland becomes clearer.”

Or say Glaswegians would say when the political landscape is better known.

After the election, one can expect this statement made by mad nazi Dr. Christian Szell in thye movie, Marathon Man to echo down the corridors of human rights abusing Glasgow University by senior management:

“Is it safe …. Is it safe”!

Last month, during a visit to the University of Guantanamo Bay, Education Minister Mike Russell called for an immediate moratorium on the plans.

He said:

“Given these proposals are based on a funding model that has now changed because they were published in February it would probably be wise just to stop.”

He added:

“I just see no point in having a process that is based on false figures.”

Doesn’t look like a vote of confidence in Anton Muscatelli and the senior management to me.

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli Principal!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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