Thursday, April 21, 2011

David Cameron comes to Glasgow to lend support for carpet bagger and publicly unelectable Ruth Davidson, don’t vote Tory and punish her

Dear All

Prime Minister David Cameron hasn’t been visiting Scotland much during this election.

And why should he, the Scottish Tories are going to get a kicking from the people of Scotland.

Cameron is wise enough to know that the failure and the one carrying the can should be Annabel Goldie.

David Cameron came to Glasgow to support publicly unelectable local Conservative candidate Ruth Davidson.

Davidson has pole position on the Glasgow regional list after former Tory candidate Malcolm Macaskill was kicked off.

It was a despicable rotten trick that Goldie’s aide Davidson was effectively gerrymandered into first position.

Will the public accept Davidson?

Never in a million years, she isn’t the new face of Tory Scotland; she wouldn’t lead a Tory revival in their fortunes.

You can see in Davidson’s face she isn’t interested in the people rather her own position.

Cameron playing the game said he is optimistic that the Conservatives can once again be the party of popular support in Scotland.


He said:

"The values that Scottish Conservatives hold, values of supporting families, believing in enterprise and wanting a more dynamic private sector, of being fearfully proud as Scots but also passionate about our United Kingdom, those are values very widely shared in Scotland”.

Rhetoric, you could imagine he was thinking aloud rather than trying to sell that donkey to anyone.

He added:

"We have got an excellent leader in Annabel Goldie. She performed brilliantly on the TV debates. I think people see in her the kind of gritty, realistic common sense that they want to see in their politics, and that's why I'm here to support her and the team."

Can he not tell her political star is burnt out?

Her performance in the parliament was to keep out of trouble and use leverage to get bits and pieces but that is hardly success.

Outside the parliament Goldie is like a sad old auntie isolated and abandoned still thinking everything will turn out right.

The sun won’t be rising again for her.

It was completely unfair and underhanded that former Tory candidate Malcolm Macaskill was dropped.

And Glaswegians might hate Tories but we are very keen to see fair play, they made a big mistake being unfair to Macaskill.

Goldie has effectively signed her own political death warrant; people from within the Tory party will not forget or forgive her.

I would say to people who vote Tory in Glasgow, look what has happened and ask yourself does Ruth Davidson deserve to go to Holyrood?


Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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