Friday, April 8, 2011

Big business before people, ‘East Coast Weasel’ Iain Gray says he will re-instate a £200 million pound white elephant called GARL, Shame!

Dear All

Big white elephants as we all know are costly, unproductive and a drain on national resources.

But that doesn’t bother the ‘East Coast Weasel’ Iain Gray; he says that he will re-instate the Glasgow Airport Rail Link if he is elected First Minister next month.

£200 million pounds for a ten minute choo choo train ride.

Which the majority of people might use twice a year if they don’t get a taxi to go and come back from holiday!

My neighbours went on holiday recently; they left home at 4 am and got a taxi to Glasgow Airport.

I live on the south side of Glasgow so it would be madness for them or anyone else in the south side to travel back into Glasgow for a train to get them to the airport.

A double journey with added expense!

Where is the wisdom in that?

Also, if the link is built it will be under used and as such not profitable.

Ordinary people such as taxi drivers would have their livelihood threatened.

Too costly, underused and damages small business, that is GARL.

And it is what the Labour Party is trying to foster on us as they support big business over small businesses.

Does this look like Labour standing up for people?

Speaking to the Evening Times, Gray said the project was affordable but the funding mechanism had not yet been identified.

Does that look like financial competence to you?

Gray admitted:

“It is £200million over a number of years”.

Gray also added:

“this is a flagship policy for us.”

A £200 million pound white elephant which will be underused and will not generate a profit!

GARL was cancelled for good reason by John Swinney, it wasn’t worth the money and other priorities were more important to the people of Glasgow such as the £842 million pound brand new Glasgow Southern hospital.

The SNP put people before big business.
Iain Gray and the Labour Party are going to waste £200 million of public taxpayers’ money.

On May 5th ask yourself what is important, 10 minute choo choo ride or new hospital.

The answer is obvious, the answer is the hospital.

You now have one more reason to Vote SNP.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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