Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Scottish Sun back Alex Salmond and the SNP for Holyrood re-election, public service ethos of SNP wins over former 'die hard' Labour supporter

Dear All

A long time ago I wrote that The Sun newspaper and Rupert Murdoch should take a real hard look at the SNP again and back them.

Now, The Scottish Sun has come out in support of the SNP.

For the Scottish Sun and the SNP this is quite significant as it signals clearly and demonstrably that ‘Scottish’ Labour just isn’t worth backing.

Faced with a stark choice of Alex Salmond or Iain Gray, it was an easy pick of who is best to lead our country.

The Scottish Sun knows it is Alex Salmond by miles.

If you think back to 2007, the newspaper told readers:

"Vote SNP today, and you put Scotland's head in the noose."

So what changed?

The SNP showed without a doubt that they could govern and were committed to public service and the people.

For years I have blogged on the importance of public service in cementing the SNP government as a credible force.

‘East Coast Weasel’ Iain Gray has yet again been dealt another fatal blow as the Labour Party campaign is collapsing.

After the election they will face tough decisions on their disastrous campaign especially on their phoney knife crime campaign which was exposed and belittle on Newsnight Scotland last night by Isabel Fraser.

The latest twist to that rubbish was Andy Kerr’s £500 million pound claim to the cost of knife crime.

This was completely rubbished by an independent body that monitors statistics on both sides of the border.

Labour’s Justice Spokesman Richard Baker looked and sounded simply ridiculous trying to defend a claim without evidence.

Baker found out last night that he wasn’t as clever as he thinks.

Editor Andy Harries said the paper was "right to warn people that an untried, untested party weren't right for Government", but after four years the SNP have proved "that they were the worthy Government".

And worthy of developing Scotland to a better future!

Speaking on BBC Scotland, Harries said:

"Alex Salmond said in 2007 'Judge us by our record', and we've done just that. I think personality has something to do with it. We believe Alex Salmond is a great ambassador for Scotland. This next period of the Holyrood parliament over the next five years will see the Ryder Cup coming in 2014; and the Commonwealth Games, so the eyes of the world will be upon us and it's a fantastic opportunity for Scotland and Alex Salmond does have the greatest skills to bring the best out of Scotland."

In the next SNP Government, it will be time to address the reform of the public sector so that more can be done for less.

And saving ploughed back in to help communities get back on their feet and renew.

The SNP Government has delivered much in the four years at the helm and the next stage will shape Scotland further so that fairness and equality is much more prominent, lack of accountability of the Labour Party’s shadow government such as quangos needs serious looked at.

A isolated Iain Gray said:

"It's no surprise Rupert Murdoch wants people to vote against Labour in Scotland because he knows it will help David Cameron in England."

Everyone is walking out on the ‘East Coast Weasel’ Iain Gray and they are turning to the SNP to get the job done.

The defection of The Sun is a major coup for the SNP and it shows that there is a clear demarcation between the SNP and the Labour Party.

The Sun has woken up to the fact that the Labour Party in Scotland is not fit to government and there is a serious lack of talent in key areas such as health, finance and justice.

Labour campaign manager John Park tired to gloss over the defection saying:

"Cosy deals to help the Tories down south will infuriate Scots and I suspect The Sun will suffer a Tartan backlash when people see that this is all about helping David Cameron and giving Labour a kicking."

Seriously sour grapes on his part.

Now, it is time for the Daily Record and Herald Scotland to come out and back the SNP.

This is the time for change; this is the time for the SNP. We have seen enough damage caused by Labour as they defend their own vested interests at the expense of the people.

Public service in its truest meaning is coming back into fashion.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

apparently Salmond has assured Murdoch no legal action or hindrance will be put in the way of the Murdoch media using the same illegal methods they used in england within Scotland.

And the sun has arranged a number of untrue smears story's on the Labour party all shown to passed by Alex Salmond