Wednesday, April 27, 2011

‘East Coast Weasel’ Iain Gray blows up in a mad outburst about independence; the Labour Party should call the men in the white coats very quickly now!

Dear All

Labour’s Iain Gray is a man drowning in a sea of disasters of his own making.

The four years of whine and whinge politics and the phoney knife crime con trick have blown up in his face.

He thinks he sees a life raft in a sea of troubles.


Yes, Iain Gray is interested in independence or at least the date that such an issue will be held.

And he wants to know now!

To that end he has challenged SNP leader Alex Salmond to name the date for a referendum on independence.

I can help narrow it down, any time in the next 1,825 days after the election.

Gray said the SNP should "stop hiding" its plans for independence.


Is he gone ‘wire happy’?

This is his big re-launch?

For the Labour Party to change the focus of its campaign this week from attacking the Conservatives at Westminster to attacking Mr Salmond and his party's flagship policy is sheer nonsense.

You have a theme and you stick to it so the voters get a sense of what you stand for!

If re-elected the SNP has will introduce a Referendum Bill on independence during the next parliament but has not specified exactly when.

The economy and jobs are a priority, saving the health service is a priority; reform of local government is a priority.

And the SNP have their priorities straight.

Labour has launched a document entitled "Alex Salmond - more worried about his job than yours".

But it should be entitled Iain Gray – ‘can I face the press if I am punted from my seat?’

Speaking during a visit to a nursery in Edinburgh, Mr Gray said:

"Today we publish a document showing the choice facing families now: Labour's plans for jobs, or the SNP's plan for independence. With Labour's plan it is possible, by the time these children are teenagers, to have abolished youth unemployment and created 250,000 new jobs. But it won't happen if the SNP win because they have no plan for jobs and no serious plan for growth. The children I met today have two futures: a future dominated by arguments about independence with a man who claims to have the moral authority to push for it, or a future with Labour focused firmly on jobs."

He added:

"So my challenge to the SNP: stop hiding your plans, stop pretending you aren't obsessed by the only policy that gets you up in the morning. Don't hide your plan for independence. Tell Scotland the date you want to hold the referendum and tell us today. Don't hide behind the pathetic excuse that it would be a mistake to reveal the date you already know. If Labour forms the next government, we will not be distracted by a constant campaign to break up the UK. It will be jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs again."

I think the boy needs to sit down and have a cup of tea.

Reading what he has put out, he needs a long rest in a quiet place wiggling his toes in the sea while pottering about.

He is letting his anger get the better of him.

Chill out! Have a kebab! Go for a walk in the sunshine!

Acting like a loon howling at the moon isn’t working!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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