Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Senior Lib Dem backs Alex Salmond for First Minister as "the best man for the job" because he done an ‘excellent job’ at Holyrood, Vote SNP

Dear All

Veteran Liberal Democrat John Farquhar Munro has backed Alex Salmond for another term as first minister.

Mr. Munro told the BBC the SNP leader was "the best man for the job."

And he is absolutely right.

Two people have a chance to become First Minister.

Alex Salmond and Iain Gray!

And no one wants Iain Gray in Bute House.

The endorsement by Mr. Munro is a personal disaster for the ‘East Coast Weasel’ Iain Gray who worked closely with the Lib Dems in two coalitions at Holyrood.

Having observed both Alex salmond and Iain Gray, there could only be one winner, one statesman, one man of people.

Alex Salmond.

Speaking to BBC Scotland, Mr Munro said of Mr Salmond:

"I think he's done an excellent job in the last session of parliament and I'm quite happy to support him for a second term”.

Munro added:

"I think he's the most appropriate person we've got in the Scottish Parliament at the present time to undertake that job."

The job is leading Scotland, something that Iain Gray who is keen to return to London Labour control will not do.

The Labour Party is in trouble, today Labour Candidate Johann Lamont who is standing in Glasgow Pollok was seen in Bath Street, Glasgow standing alone looking completely unhappy.

She is in real danger of not being returned to Holyrood as Pollok SNP is mounting a strong challenge in the South of the City.

SNP Candidate Chris Stephens is looking very much like the MSP in waiting.

What has Johann Lamont done for Pollok?

Nothing that matters!

She is yesterday’s politician.

In the recent storm concerning 9 year old alleged rape victim in which Labour Councillor William O’Rourke disgraced himself by implying she was ‘asking for it’, Johann Lamont refused to condemn such comments.

On the streets of Pollok, people want to know why?

People want the public apology which appears at this late date not to be forthcoming from Lamont.

Johann Lamont is a hypocrite.

The people of Scotland deserve better than the British Labour Party.

Yesterday was bad for Tavish Scott but behind that it was a real humiliation for Iain Gray of the Labour Party.

Another vote of no confidence in him personally!

Now, Scotland has to turn out to ensure that Alex Salmond is returned to Bute House, big changes are in the pipeline to make Scotland fairer.

And it will be an SNP Government that will deliver them for every man women and child.

The people are awakening to nationhood.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University