Thursday, April 28, 2011

‘East Coast Weasel’ Iain Gray and the Labour Party lose the battle for Asda, another PR disaster as Iain Gray flees Asda superstore!

Dear All

What is the matter with this ‘East Coast weasel’ Iain Gray character?

Now, he is fleeing from Asda!

A wonderful supermarket with great bargains and very friendly staff!

In the latest of the ‘running man’ saga, the Labour party have claimed that Alex Salmond ‘hid’ from their leader Iain Gray in a supermarket.

Unfortunately for the Labour Party there is a video showing the Labour front man hurrying out of the Asda store like someone lit a fire under his ass after PR stunt went wry!

When a Labour campaign team had turned up at the Ardrossan supermarket unexpectedly on Tuesday evening, it was as Alex Salmond was carrying out a scheduled campaign visit doing a bit of meet the people.

The Labour group went straight to the toilet which is the best place for their pish!

They then bolted after claiming they had no idea that Alex Salmond was in the store, so why 'run' away?

It gets even more bizarre with them claiming if they had known then they would have confronted the First Minister.

And do what exactly?

Ask for an autograph, tips on campaigning?

Labour claim Iain Gray spent time talking to members of the public face to face at a meeting.

Meeting in a toilet?

What’s that all about then?

Iain Gray said:

"If I’d have known Alex Salmond was there, I’d have gone up and asked him why he is hiding his date for an independence referendum. Sadly he was kept well hidden until I’d left."

Did he wash his hands after using the bathroom?

Labour’s claims not to have been aware of the First Minister's visit were challenged by the SNP team.

They pointed out that there was a considerable media presence with numerous cameramen wandering about.

SNP candidate for Cunninghame North Kenny Gibson said:

"There was neither hide nor hair of Iain Gray when Alex arrived and he stayed long after Iain Gray's fleeting appearance talking to staff and customers. Iain Gray turned tail just like he ran away from the Glasgow grannies at Central Station."

Since the incident in Asda, the SNP campaign team described Labour’s claims as "complete fiction” and have produced a video showing Mr Gray leaving the store as an onlooker asks him:

"Are you not going to hang about?"

Maybe the guy didn’t know about Gray and Co hanging about the toilets!

Gray responding that he had only popped in "for a coffee".

Do they sell coffee in the bogs in Asda?

SNP Campaign manager Angus Robertson said:

"This footage makes an absolute mockery of the claims in a Labour press release issued this morning and raises serious questions about the negativity, dirty tricks and misinformation at the heart of Labour’s 're-launched' campaign."

In future Iain Gray and the Labour Party should stop hanging round toilets, voters have the right to go for a crap in peace.

The rule of thumb is total silence when going for a dump.

If it is just a piss, chat is allowed but only if people have previously known each other, family, friends etc etc.

Iain Gray is getting more outrageous, now we can't pee in peace now!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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