Monday, April 4, 2011

Patrick Harvie wants to financially screw Scots by wanting higher tax rises, the Scottish Green protest group have no place at Holyrood!

Dear All

Patrick Harvie is nothing if not ambitious, so ambitious he sold out Glasgow at the Scottish Budget in Holyrood.

When aid was on the table for Glasgow, Patrick Harvie said no!

The Green Party isn’t a political party, they are a protest group who have tacted on a few other policies to justify their existence as a political force!

A vote for the Scottish Green Party is a wasted vote.

For the last two terms at Holyrood, Glaswegians have propped up Patrick Harvie and given him a chance.

And he time he has betrayed the City of Glasgow, not unsurprising given he isn’t Glaswegian.

He is from the Vale of Leven.

He has dreams of holding Holyrrod to ransom by using Green MSP votes to force through measures which would impact financially on every man women and children in Scotland.

It is also said that he thinks he could get the job of deputy first minister in a coalition government.

I would rather see mainstream parties at Holyrood re-run the election again.

Harvie thinks that because of angry over cuts he and his protest group can slip through the cracks and gain more seats.

A vote for the Scottish Green Party is a wasted vote.

Patrick Harvie wants to tax people more, if you think lunatic fringe of the Labour Party without the subtlety, you get a Green.

The Greens will say and do anything to get power.

The party’s number one pledge is opposition to tuition fees, followed by “fairer” (ie, higher) taxes on the affluent and big business to pay for services.

But let us be clear, everyone under the Green will pay more and let us face it, Harvie isn’t talking reform of higher education but shoring the same rotten corrupt system.

A vote for the Scottish Green Party is a wasted vote.

Harvie says he is open to offers from either Labour or the SNP on power:

“What I’m keen on is having Green influence, whatever the shape of the next parliament. I didn’t start doing this so that I could stress myself out trying to run a parliamentary group with two for the rest of my life. I want to have Green ideas put into practice. That’s what the green movement has done in other European countries and there’s no reason at all that we can’t do it in Scotland.”

So, what is the truth of the Scottish Green Party?

What did we get for our money?

The truth is the Scottish Green Party have delivered little so far at Holyrood.

Asked to name one carbon-belching road project the Greens have thwarted, Harvie can’t do it.

When asked to name the Scottish Greens biggest achievement, he is at a bit of a loss after 12 years.

Then he plugs the Climate Challenge Fund, which helps local communities with homespun projects to cut their carbon footprint. The scheme distributed £35 million over four years in Holyrood terms, it’s virtually non-existent.

I went to the SNP National Assembly in September 2010 and proposed a single Scottish Police Force.

£200 million projected savings.

Patrick Harvie, £35 million over 4 years.

Harvie loves financially screwing people on taxes: hotel taxes on tourists, sales taxes on big retailers, environmental levies on polluters, social responsibility levies on pubs, a penny on the “Tartan Tax” (the Scottish Variable Rate) and a £5 billion land value tax to replace council tax and business rates.

But he is policy lite, there are no big ideas floating around the Scottish Greens, just take, take, take!

As well as that he wants to divert money from big capital projects into frontline services so he would scrap the new Forth Road Bridge, the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route, and forget the main upgrade to the whole of the A9.

After May, the best thing that could happen at Holyrood is the end of Patrick Harvie and his protest group posing as MSP.

It’s time that the people of Glasgow sent Patrick Harvie a message.

‘Get the f*ck out’!

Harvie is pissing on all of us without the courtesy of calling it rain.

A vote for the Scottish Green Party is a wasted vote.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Dave Mellor , Lochwinnoch said...

Nicce to see that deranged people can still be heard