Monday, April 11, 2011

‘Anger at the bay’, Glasgow University ‘supporters’ come out to support hate crime by using anonymous postings, George Laird points to new information

Dear All

It seems that some people are upset about my post detailing the hate crime by Glasgow University senior management against me.

And also questioning my qualifications?

So to refresh memories and put into the public domain facts!

Qualified as a weights instructor.
Qualified as a circuit training instructor.
Qualified as a Fitness Counsellor
Qualified as a boxing coach.
Qualified in nutrition and weight management.

I was the fitness coach for the boxing club.

I never got paid for my services.

Never even got expenses so it is a 'pretty poor' show to talk about a ‘free’ pass!

It cost me money to teach free of charge, week in, week out.

My friend who works as a Personal Trainer charges £45 an hour.

Also when I did train in the Stevenson building I paid for it.

So, it looks like the Glasgow University supporters who support hate crime are angry men!

One wonders;

Did the SRS staff tell them that during the time I was getting qualifications that I was denied the same courtesy that other coaches received?

Did the SRS staff tell them that the SRS would deliberately disrupt my classes?

Did the SRS staff tell them that the SRS would only let me into the building at the last possible moment before my class started when other coaches would be allowed in hours before?

So, the idea I was allowed to train for free is a lie.

On two occasions I was given free access, once personally by Professor Peter Radford, Head of the Stevenson Building and once by an SRS attendant.

Professor Peter Radford did it out of kindness and the attendant because he was my training partner.

2 years, out of 20, so the case of training free of charge doesn’t stand the test.

As to Andy Grant, I ‘fell out' when he rigged a GUSA election for Office Bearers posts.

And I’ve kept the GUSA documentation as well on that issue.

I stood up for free and fair elections, open to all the club members.

So, Mr. Grant was in the wrong to handpick the committee at a boxing club dinner in secret.

And Helen Champion, GUSA President made the election result void, historic fact.

The supporters of human rights abusing Glasgow University have made a right arse of themselves on here, but unsurprisingly, stupidity is a genuine currency with some people.

Sad pathetic people!

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli Principal!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


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