Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Scottish actor Brian Cox backs Alex Salmond and the SNP for the next Government of Scotland, personal disaster for Iain Gray, more desert him!

Dear All

Without a doubt, he is one of Scotland premier actors, a star whose career just keeps on getting better and better.

Brian Cox.

From the Bourne to X men, from Rob Roy to Braevheart, from Sharpe to Manhunter, he has craved a filmography that any actor would be rightly proud.

Now, Brian Cox has decided to back the SNP to be the next Government of Scotland.

And Bourne Identity actor Brian Cox is a lifelong Labour supporter.

By changing his allegiance to the SNP, Brian Cox realises that the only way that Scotland can be fairer for all is by way of an SNP Government.

Currently Cox holds is the Rector of Dundee University.

He said:

"As a lifelong Labour supporter, I find myself in this particular election feeling that I must support Alex Salmond and the SNP”.

This is another personal blow and humiliation for Iain Gray, the Labour Candidate who wants to be First Minister.

Cox added:

"The SNP has a vision for education in Scotland and the experience to ensure that they see it through. Alas, my position as Rector of Dundee University supersedes in this situation my hitherto strong Labour Party affiliation”.

One of the things which I have blogged on is that in political life is the need for ‘people before party’.

Cox continued:

"At this juncture, I feel that Alex Salmond's policies are the right policies to hold the line against tuition fees in Scotland. I believe passionately in free education and know that as long as Alex is First Minister, he will defend this principle."

It seems that the people of Scotland are awaking up to the danger that Iain Gray in wanting to turn over control of the Scottish Parliament to London control.

Everyone knows that ‘East Coast Weasel’ Iain Gray wants the trappings of First Minister but not the responsibility.

Alex Salmond said:

"For all Brian's fame and international reputation, he is a dedicated and passionate supporter of the principles of Scottish education, and his welcome remarks will carry wide appeal across Scotland."

And locally in Glasgow, another high profile actor and director David Hayman has backed SNP candidate for Glasgow Kelvin Sandra White.

Hayman is best known for playing Police and Gangster roles such as Jimmy Boyle in the movie, ‘A Sense of Freedom’.

And that is what Scotland needs now, a sense of freedom to grow and develop by way of full fiscal powers of our economy.

David Hayman said:

"Sandra is well known for her hard work and commitment to many causes in Glasgow and beyond, she is a doughty fighter for all."

The fight for Holyrood is on, everyone is coming in for the big win; Lib Dems want Alex Salmond, Labour Party supporters also want Alex Salmond.

People are moving forward together with the SNP who have delivered so much and will continue to deliver.

No one is backing Iain Gray, they can see it in the eyes, he isn’t a leader, he isn’t a statesman, he isn’t right!

If you want to have a democracy worth having then on May 5th 2011 turn up at the Polling Station and Vote SNP.

Don’t let the Labour Party kill your dreams!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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