Saturday, April 30, 2011

Scottish News of the World to declare for Alex Salmond and the SNP, everyone is abandoning Iain Gray and Labour, complete collapse of support!

Dear All

The Scottish News of the World will declare for the SNP on Sunday another blow to the personal standing of Iain Gray, the ‘East Coast Weasel’.

Now, everything is slipping away form the Labour Party, the sun is shining and the SNP far from winding down their campaign are keep the throttle fully open as the finish line is in sight.

Iain Gray’s leadership of Scottish Labour’s election campaign has been a total disaster, so much so that he is now under attack by his own allies.

And it’s worse as two new polls gave the SNP a massive lead.

A poll by YouGov shows a 5 per cent swing to the SNP from Labour since a similar survey last Sunday.

Gray may even lose his seat.

The poll found the SNP have 45 per cent in the constituency vote with Labour trailing on 32 per cent.

If we look back, at one point the Labour Party was sitting with a 16 point lead and then they blew it.

Four years of opposition for opposition sake was a hugely bad idea leaving Gray with no legacy to draw on.

And then he adopted SNP policies to curry favour.

The knife crime con to put fear and alarm into voters was another mistake of epic proportions.

Gray is now desperately seeking to stem the flow towards the SNP; Labour voters want to vote SNP.

To show how bad it is, senior Labour figures in Scotland are questioning the campaign tactics which focused on cuts by the Conservative-led coalition at Westminster.

Dreadful stupid by seeking to ignore their real threat!

Mad loon Lord Foulkes, who backed Mr Gray to lead the Scottish party, said:

“Iain Gray has been too much of a gentleman. He has been playing by the Marquess of Queensberry rules, but Salmond has been hitting him below the belt again and again.”

Foulkes added:

“It’s as if two people are playing a different game. One is playing by the rules and the other is involved in an all-in, freestyle wrestling match. He felt people would see through Salmond, but they don’t unless you point it out.”

Foukles is noted for being an idiot not a master tactician of political strategy.

And Labour has been playing a ‘nasty’ little game with their knife crime policy, a con that everyone has seen through.

An election gimmick used once too often!

The day of judgement is fast approaching; the SNP need to keep up the hard work, get their message out and press on.

Only an SNP Government can protect Scotland and its people.

It’s all about having the right team in place.

Alex Salmond has the right team to do the job.

Iain Gray is a weak leader; everyone senses he is dragging the Labour Party in Scotland down into defeat, a defeat crafted by his own hand.

You never run away, you stay and fight!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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