Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tommy Sheridan’s lawyer Aamer Anwar wants Police probe into Andy Coulson evidence, no one is going fishing without proof, speculation don’t cut it!

Dear All

The phone hacking scandal at News International run by Rupert Murdoch has been boiling for some time.

More and more of the staff seemed to have been caught up in a culture that anything justifies the means to get a story even if it is obtained by illegal avenues.

Tommy Sheridan is Scotland’s Nelson Mandela, banged up in the pokey, not allowed out to play after getting a three year sentence for perjury.

His lawyer is Aamer Anwar who I remember from Glasgow University, since leaving he has joined the ‘race’ industry as well as working as a lawyer.

But a blunt assessment would be that Aamer Anwar is a self serving prick.

Anyway as Tommy Sheridan's lawyer, he has called on police to examine evidence given by Andy Coulson during the former MSPs perjury trial in Glasgow.

If Coulson was involved or had knowledge of phone hacking, would it free Tommy Sheridan?


It might however stick Coulson in same cell as Sheridan.

Sheridan has a problem, he has been found guilty by a jury of his peers on evidence that would choke a horse!

He confessed to his former colleagues and there is a video tape confession, this is the elephant in the room.

And Aamer Anwar won’t budge that.

Tommy Sheridan is in Barlinnie for the long haul which is a bit of a shame because the weather is quite sunny.

There is talk about an appeal but I see it as Sheridan cultivating the myth of him being a ‘political’ prisoner.

He intends to resume his political career such as it is post Barlinnie.

Although more people at News International have been outed, Coulson so far as I can tell hasn’t.

So, is Aamer Anwar seriously saying that the Police should engage in a speculative voyage of discovery using taxpayers’ money?

Yes, he is!

And the Police reply if they bother to respond will be no.

In order for a complaint to be filed against Coulson there needs to be what is described as ‘real evidence’.

This is because Coulson has the right to a fair trial and be provided with any such evidence by the prosecution, in this case the fiscal service.

Aamer Anwar’s hot air is meaningless.

And Team Angiolini isn’t that far gone yet.

He said:

"It is essential that the Scottish police and the Metropolitan Police examine the evidence of Andy Coulson as well as others to consider whether perjury was committed by them and whether they were aware of Mr Sheridan's phone being hacked along with others. If no-one is above the law, then those who gave evidence on behalf of News International must be investigated over allegations of perjury."

Anyone see any indication that Anwar has proof against Coulson to make a case?

So, a question I would like to put to Aamer Anwar is:

‘Who the f*ck taught you law?’

Complaint rejected.

The ‘Glasgow One’ shouldn’t get his hopes of up leaving anytime soon from his current address.

His wife, Glasgow’s Sarah Palin, Gail Sheridan will have to carry the torch a little longer as she prepares to stand as a Councillor in the Glasgow City Council elections of 2012.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


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