Monday, April 11, 2011

Tory Annabel Goldie is fighting two campaigns, Holyrood and the campaign to stop her getting her political neck stretched from within her own party.

Dear All

Annabel Goldie is heading for defeat at the polls.

And then the night of the long knives beckons.

As the battle for Holyrood rages, other Tories will be sharpening close quarters political combat blades to ‘take her out’.

Leadership contest win or lose is a vote of no confidence in her.

She is toast.

At this election, we are in for a treat, watching her political death as it unfolds, Goldie has developed that ghastly smile of a woman who is about to be strung up and knows it

She likes to stand out from the crowd but soon enough she will be swinging the wind.

Goldie’s pitch for Holyrood is based on a gimmick using two words, ‘common sense’ but where is the ‘common’ bragging to voters she is going to financially screw them?

Promising higher bills?

Prescriptions reintroduced at £5 a pop!

£4000-a-year tuition fees!

And the traditional election bribe of £200 cut in council tax for pensioner homes.

Last year at the General Election, she was confident that Scotland, like England, would say yes to Cameron.

Scotland said no!

And funnily enough it will also be no.

Goldie and colleagues were full of predictions of a dozen MPs.

There is still only one Tory MP North of the Border, David Mundell, stuck out in the provinces or as it is better known ‘sheepdog’ country.

The wipe out of 1997 stands the test of time.

The David Cameron effect didn’t go done well, the ‘Son of Thatcher isn’t welcome.

Goldie became leader unexpectedly in 2005 after David McLetchie quit over taxi expenses.

His misfortune landed her in the limelight, and the bad times just kept on coming.

Then, an executioner called Lord Sanderson done a review and found the hierarchy was weak, dysfunctional and failed to foster strong candidates.

He recommended a leadership contest directly after the May election which people see as ‘bin the bint’.

Tory jihad!

Goldie says she’ll stand when the time comes.

Even if she does win it will still be seen as a vote of no confidence in her.

The current Tory campaign is a disaster.

The party sacking its lead candidate in Glasgow gone down well, another candidate quitting the regional list, anti-cuts protesters hijacking their press launch and major donors walking away from her.

The Annabel Goldie brand is toxic.

After May 5 the ‘night of the long knives’ will take place, plotting has probably started in earnest, people will be muttering in wee groups.

Then the Tories will have their political trial and it’s off to the gallows.

Short trip up the stairs followed by an even quicker descent!

Then silence for a moment as she is swinging in the political wind.

People will then do the usual what a wonderful leader and contribution she made before carting her off to the backbenches to rot.

Holyrood is sometimes used as political graveyard; people are stacked up the back, right up the back!

Annabel Goldie, show some dignity and class, go before you are pushed.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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