Monday, April 4, 2011

SNP take Holyrood poll lead for first time; the fight to stop ‘East Coast Weasel’ Iain Gray handing over Holyrood to London Labour control intensifies

Dear All

According to the latest survey the SNP is leading the British Labour Party in the Holyrood election campaign.

Five weeks ago, a poll by TNS-BRMB gave Labour a 15-point lead in the constituency vote and a 10-point lead in the regional list.

Then ‘East Coast Weasel’ Labour Candidate Iain Gray went onto speak at the Scottish Leader Debate.

And came third!

He was saved from the bagel by Tavish Scott, the Lib Dem leader in meltdown.

During a heated exchange Iain Gray ended up shouting at the audience in a badgering hector manner.

People got a glimpse of a desperate man who will say anything and promise anything to get elected.

The latest poll put the SNP in the lead is Scotland awaking up to the threat from Gray.

Iain Gray, No way!

Gray has proven himself to be ineffective with the public, in voter recognition of the main party leaders.

85% could name Alex Salmond when shown his photograph,

39% the Scottish Tory leader Annabel Goldie,

27% the Labour leader Iain Gray

19% the LibDem leader Tavish Scott.

And someone thought Iain Gray was Eamonn Holmes’ dad!

SNP deputy leader Nicola Sturgeon said of the Panelbase poll:

“This is an excellent poll, putting the SNP in a winning position for the first time in this campaign and confirming that all the momentum in this election is with the SNP.”

But Labour’s election co-ordinator John Park said:

“We are totally focused on what really matters – jobs, crime and helping families through tough times”.

And that is why the British Labour Party at Holyrood voted against the Scottish budget.

Park added:

“The SNP is desperate to announce the result of the election before a single vote has been cast, but there is no complacency on the Labour team – we are fighting hard for every vote to earn the trust of Scots again.”

What is telling is that Parks slipped up by telling the world publicly that the British Labour Party in Scotland lost the trust of the Scottish people.

A Scottish Liberal Democrat spokeswoman said:

“Polls consistently get Liberal Democrat results wrong. The only poll that matters is the 5th May”.

This from a party that has lost every English by-election by recording a massive loss of votes!

And is expected to lose substantially more at the Holyrood vote!

A Scottish Conservative spokesman said:

“This is another poll that shows Annabel Goldie is not just better liked but better known than Iain Gray. If voters are looking for an alternative to the SNP, then they know now where to put their vote.”

Obviously no love lost in the battle for second place in Scotland.

On funny incident of the election is the artist David Shrigley announcing his support for the Scottish Greens by launching an expletive-laden attack on the other parties but describing the Greens’ co-convener Patrick Harvie as “a humble and honest man who is committed to saving the planet”.

He was so humble and honest, he voted against the Scottish Budget to screw the people of Scotland and in particular Glasgow.

Harvie stands on the list because he is publicly unelectable in every Glasgow constituency.

He won’t even try.

With panic set in the British Labour Party ranks it looks like the Scottish public have come round to George Laird thinking.

‘East Coast Weasel’ Iain Gray is like a mini Lib Dem crisis, toxic and fizzing away like a Japanese nuclear reactor.

His poll rating is 7% approval by the public.

Only an SNP Government can make Scotland fairer, only an SNP Government can generate ideas and only an SNP Government can be trusted with our health service.

Alba gu bràth!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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