Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Scottish Socialist Party launch manifesto, Scotland’s Nelson Mandela Tommy Sheridan stuck in clink, ass whipping in store for them!

Dear All

The Scottish Socialist Party has launched its 2011 Holyrood election manifesto.

But with Scotland’s Nelson Mandela stuck in a jail cell in Barlinnie taken away from the woman he loved and his child, one wonders how they can show their face in public.

Even although Tommy Sheridan was guilty!

When the Scottish Socialist Party turned against him, there was a schism which saw a new party called Solidarity emerge.

The SSP might have won the war but lost the peace!

It’s a funny old world sometimes.

Anyway, creeping backing, they promise to oppose cuts and tax the rich.

It’s the old comrades and sisters politics of the left, cardigan, woolly hat, donkey jacket, and boilersuit.

National spokesman Colin Fox also announced plans to raise £1.5bn a year by replacing council tax with a graduated income tax.

Why not just back the SNP’s LIT policy which is fair and if people do well, they pay a little more and if hard times fall they pay less.

The party also backs a £9 national minimum wage which is always nice if you can get it.

And of course they want an independence referendum.

Don’t we all son!

The SSP is keen to distance itself from the split with ex-leader Tommy Sheridan, don’t mention Sheridan is like ‘don’t mention the war’!

But the war took place, you can’t re-write history.

So, at the launching his party's manifesto in Glasgow, Colin Fox said there was clear blue water separated his party with the anti-cuts message of George Galloway's Respect party and the SNP.

Every one is copying the SNP because they are the brand leaders which a great track record of delivery.

One thing Fox said was that the SSP could claim credit for many of the successes of the last Scottish Parliament.

Despite having no MSPs in the parliament at all!

Fox said:

"I have to insist, because it's not been recorded very widely, the SSP played a very important role in the abolition of prescription charges. I give full credit to the SNP government for abolishing them but I think it is fair to remind people that the SSP was this party that introduced them."

Unfortunately Mr. Fox and his crew can’t sell beans which mean they get no credit for anything.

‘A million housewives every day pick up a tin of beans and say beans means Heinz!’

Market the SSP is a hard sell.

SSP candidate Frances Curran has insisted the imprisonment of Mr Sheridan for perjury over allegations about his sex life had vindicated the party.

However she is wrong that the verdict has brought the episode to a close.

She said of Sheridan:

"When campaigning in Glasgow at the height of the trial we did get it in the street but I think that one has been, dare I say it, put to bed."

I think that the public will bend the SSP over a table and shaft them hard.

Sheridan may be guilty, he may be a liar, he may be a serial shagger but he was able to connect to people.

Some more than others :)

The SSP look awkward and amateurish and need to dress up, they look like they are dressed for clearing a loft not standing for political office.

I don’t think the people of Glasgow are ready to forgive them for their betrayal of Tommy Sheridan.

Scotland’s Nelson Mandela is currently working on his martyrdom at present.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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