Monday, April 18, 2011

Patrick Harvie and the Green Party make another £940m pledge, this time for housing, the protest group is losing the plot again!

Dear All

Fresh from pledging nearly a billion pounds on transport, the Green Party is now pledged to invest £940 million in affordable housing.

There are only two Green MSPs!

So, they want £2,000,000,000 ransom or they will cause trouble for the new government.

These nutters must really fancy their chances.

Kirsten Robb, Green housing spokeswoman and top candidate for the Central region, said:

"We want a good choice of rented homes available in every community, affordable housing that's warm and well-maintained, but the SNP's serious budget cuts mean this prospect is receding fast”.

She added:

"Over the next session of Parliament, Greens are proposing to invest almost £1 billion in housing, enough to reverse those cuts from Holyrood's next budget onwards. In Scotland there is still a misconception that renting a home is second best to buying one, but almost everyone rents at some time in their life, and it's essential that young people and families in particular have access to good quality affordable homes. What's more, the construction sector is under serious pressure, with thousands of jobs lost already. These Green plans would support significant numbers of new construction jobs across Scotland just when they're most needed”.

In a time when the Scottish budget is getting cut, how can they justify wanting to control a large section of the budget.

Robb goes further:

"We are not out of the economic woods, especially given the impact of the public sector cuts on the wider economy, and this is therefore exactly the time to re-double, not cut back, investment in Scotland's housing stock."

In order to go that there will have to be cuts to services, who do they want chopped?

Unfortunately, the Greens just have the ‘wish list’, but their toxic by product is that vulnerable people will be hit by severe cuts to implement it.

The Greens and Patrick Harvie aren’t taking about the people who suffer as others benefit.

Or doesn’t that matter to them.

The Scottish Greens are a bunch of crank protestors who have latched onto the idea that Holyrood is a good place for resident protests.

But really they should be doing it outside.

Hopefuly people will realise that the Greens don’t represent them; Glasgow has woke up to that fact when Patrick Harvie voted against the Scottish Budget which had measures to help the people of Glasgow.

A Green vote is a wasted vote.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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