Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Corrupt Britain, Nick Clegg labelled a hypocrite after nepotism revelation, its not what you know but who you know that allows you to progress

Dear All

Britain is a corrupt country; I have been saying and writing about this for years.

Through-out Britain I have repeatedly said that there are social networks that discriminate against the poorest in society rising to attain good jobs and positions.

Because they are ring fenced by the social elite!

Prime examples of this are Nick Clegg, David Cameron and Ed Miliband.

Nick Clegg is allegedly trying to increase social mobility.

But his drive has been completely overshadowed after he was accused of “total hypocrisy” when it emerged he had secured an internship himself through family connections.

Clegg launched the UK Government’s Opening Doors, Breaking Barriers strategy as a means of giving everyone a “fair chance” in life whatever their background.

That wouldn’t happen.

He has touched on unpaid internships, often regarded as a gateway to a paid job, declaring:

“For too long, internships have been the almost exclusive preserve of the sharp-elbowed and the well-connected. Unfair, informal internships can rig the market in favour of those who already have opportunities. We want a fair job market based on merit, not networks. It should be about what you know, not who you know. A country that is socially mobile bases opportunity on your ability and drive, not on who your father’s friends are.”

Which is exactly how he got his start and so did David Cameron and in the rear Ed Miliband.

It wasn’t what they knew but who they knew.

Clegg in the past secured the first of three internships after his father, Nicholas, chairman of United Trust Bank, “had a word” with a friend, who worked at a Finnish bank.

Labour backbencher John Mann is currently arguing that Clegg has closed off life chances for youngsters because of tuition fee hikes, said:

“It is total hypocrisy and really desperate for him to attack internships now. His policies are holding down social mobility in this country but he enjoyed all the advantages of family connections himself.”

In a separate development, Intern Aware and Interns Anonymous, groups that campaign for greater interns’ rights also accused Mr Clegg of hypocrisy, saying he had “hired unpaid interns in the past and his party is one of the worst offenders”.

Clegg is trying to rebuild his reputation so social mobility is a good cause to pick up because it has a wide net.

One former unpaid intern for Clegg said:

“It definitely wasn’t work experience, but was exactly the sort of work the Coalition is now, rightly, insisting you should be paid for.”

Harriet Harman, Labour’s deputy leader who also benefit from advantages denied others told Mr Clegg:

“You gave up the right to pontificate on social mobility when you abolished Educational Maintenance Allowance, trebled tuition fees and betrayed a generation of young people. When I heard the Deputy Prime Minister was going to launch a commission on social mobility, I thought it was April Fool’s Day. In just 10 months, this Tory-led Government has launched an assault on the opportunities for young people, especially the poorest.”

Harman doesn’t give a toss for the poor except as a means of self promotion.

Clegg said at the despatch box in the Commons:

“For us a fair society is an open society, one in which everyone is free to flourish and rise regardless of the circumstances of their birth.”

That’s the dream, not the reality in Britain.

Discrimination is rife in Britain and takes many forms but the result is always the same, if you are not a member of the ‘club’ then not only can you get a leg up but there is a glass ceiling to keep you down and out.

The Public Honours Unit of the Department of Sport and Culture is a classic example of systematic discriminatory practice run by the Government.

Ordinary people doing ordinary jobs are effective banned, by being screened out of appointments to boards.

That is a wide spread scandal that has been going on for years and no one is doing anything about that.

George Laird was right again.

And ahead of the curve!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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