Monday, April 18, 2011

Lib Dem leader Tavish Scott seeks to distance himself from toxic Nick Clegg, he wants to keep options open for his Labour Masters post result

Dear All

Like everyone else, I keep getting leaflets through my door from political parties, the close to the date of the poll; the more paper flies through the door.

All saying vote for so and so!

I have had two leaflets from the Lib Dems, and nowhere is the name Nick Clegg to be found.

Britain’s most toxic politician has been airbrushed out of their election leaflets and replaced with Charles Kennedy on the back.

Now, we have the unedifying sight of Tavish Scott allegedly railing against Nick Clegg and his deal with the Tories.

He says that toxic Clegg’s deal is destroying his own campaign for Holyrood.

The Lib Dem vote is sinking as people wake to the fact that you cannot trust the Lib Dems to stick to their word.

In politics you can be many things but liar isn’t one that sits with the public at all very well.

In an interview a newspaper Scott has coughed out that his party was suffering because of a widespread voter backlash against them.

Scott says that he is struggling with the public because of the constant media coverage of the Coalition and its cuts.

And has left him fighting to overcome a “trust issue”!

As such he knows pretty well he is shafted.

Scott said:

“It’s a tough election because of what is happening. I don’t deny that for one minute.”

Then he went on to highlight his own anti-Tory instincts:

“I grew up with Thatcher. I grew up with all that stuff going on. We all too well remember what they did to manufacturing industry in Scotland. It’s not naturally where I’d be in politics.”

But he is there and as General Mike Jackson famously said on the Iraqi debacle:

‘We are were we are’!

In an anti Clegg moment he said that that he would not be swayed by UK leader Clegg on possible coalition talks after the election.

In other words he might ally himself and his party with the ‘East Coast Weasel’ Iain Gray and the Labour Party.

The natural Scottish home of the Lib Dem poodle housed in the Labour Kennel!
And it is about time that the Lib Dems got the tanking that they rich deserve at the polls.

Looks like ferrets and weasels want to join together.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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kevin said...

I think even Nick Clegg wants to distance himself from Nick Clegg! But Vince Cable's little outburst earlier this week was a stage managed tantrum to show how the Lib Dems in Scotland are somehow unconnected to the LibCons in London. Vince's outburst was assisted by none other than LibDem Westminster whip, Alistair Carmichael. Carmichael shares a constituency office with Tavish Scott in Shetland...
Meanwhile Tavish is facing a very strong challenge in his own constituency, from an independent candidate called Billy Fox. For the first time in 50 years Shetland may not automatically elect a Liberal candidate.