Monday, April 11, 2011

Margo MacDonald launches campaign to return to Holyrood as Edinburgh list MSP, and she wants her ‘Kill the World’ Bill as her legacy!

Dear All

Independent candidate Margo MacDonald is standing again for Holyrood.

But she should really call it a day and move on.

If the people of Scotland are really unlucky, she will get back but we can only hope the people of Edinburgh see sense and bin her.

Don’t Vote Margo MacDonald.

But voters are fickle; MacDonald says she will get on well with former MP George Galloway if they are both elected to Holyrood next month.

Two lost souls cut adrift from the body politic, no members of the club, but Galloway says he will vote Labour.

One thing that both Galloway and MacDonald have touched on is that parliamentary debates need to be more interesting.

Holyrood has 129 MSPs and out of that number there are only a few real politicians, the rest is made of cannon fodder and party hacks.

And boy doesn’t it show.

Anyway, MacDonald has launched her campaign in Edinburgh as a Lothians list candidate.

And she makes the point that she has little common ground with Mr Galloway, other than on the Middle East.

Maybe they can both go there.

She said:

"George is a smart boy. George will already have realised that if he's going to go in there and make a difference he better have somebody who's going to sit beside him. And I have co-operated with George Galloway in the past so there would be no problem, unless he starts to rubbish the very institution of the Parliament. If he doesn't do that, and why should he if he's standing for it and he's going to take a wage for working in it, then I'm sure he and I will get on tickety-boo."

And they can have lunch together.

MacDonald is firing salvos by criticising some of the "stupid" election promises made by the major parties singling out the Labour's pledge to provide an apprenticeship to everyone who wants one.

The Labour Party apprenticeship pledge con is that anyone can have an apprenticeship ‘if’ they qualify.

She added:

"How many firms who can provide these apprenticeships have come forward to say they will do it? And Labour have said nothing about how they will have to subsidise these apprenticeships."

MacDonald fears Scotland is facing an unemployment time-bomb.

And with any luck, it will detonate on May 5th 2011 and place her in the dole queue.

She also pledged to resurrect her End of Life Assistance Bill.

For this reason, Margo MacDonald shouldn’t be returned to Holyrood.

She said:

"I intend to make it easier for people to understand. You always do things better second time round."

Her Bill will be rejected again and rightly so, politicians aren’t in the business of sanctioning state suicide and it also sit uncomfortably with the medical profession.

She wants a legacy, and she sees her death bill as her footnote in history to change Scotland.

Warped judgment.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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