Friday, April 15, 2011

Human rights abusing Glasgow University get endorsement from guy who runs the local boozer in Ashton lane over uni cuts programme, wow!

Dear All

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

It seems that corrupt foreigner Anton Mucatelli has to rely on a former Glasgow University Graduate to defend his cuts programme lambasted by the Scottish Government.

Stuart Patrick is chief executive of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.

Isn’t employment incredibly high in Glasgow?

Patrick is also a director of the Glasgow Science centre sitting on the board alongside Glasgow University Chancellor Kenneth Calman of the Calman Commission fame and Glasgow University human rights abuser, Vice Principal John Richard Coggins.

After the University of Glasgow put me through their first kangaroo court, I started protesting and speaking out publicly.

And guess what?

Another charge was filed against me by my abusers to subject me to a second hearing.

I handed in evidence directly into the hands of Vice Principal John Richard Coggins which he signed for.

He wrote back telling me that the evidence which proved I was innocent and the victim of bullying and discrimination wasn't looked at by him or his committee.

He stated this in writing

Vice Principal John Richard Coggins denied me the right to a fair hearing by refusing to look at evidence submitted.

So, I wouldn’t describe Patrick's intervention as other than old boy network, one hand washing the other.

Stuart described the proposed cuts as “not life-threatening” to the university.

That depends whether you are a staff member who is about to become unemployed.

In a move to defend the stance of corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli, he said it was “no surprise” that universities facing funding cuts should decide to retain their strongest courses and ditch the weakest.

Patrick was a former senior commercial director at Scottish Enterprise who reported to Willie Haughey who benefit to the tune of £20 million from Glasgow City Council contracts.

At present the University Court has agreed to put off a decision on the cuts until June because they want to know who the Government is, if it is Labour then the cuts will probably go ahead.

Patrick who runs a bar and restaurant in Ashton I would suggest is best qualified to speak about academia.

He ignores the public uproar over the plans, student demonstrations, unrest among staff and concern by politicians that the University has been run into the deck financially.

He said:

“Surely by now we all appreciate that any organisation, however august, that has a significant stream of public sector funding now has to make unpleasant decisions to keep its budgets balanced.”

So speaks the pub landlord, thank you for your wisdom.

He added:

“Every university in the UK is having to make strategic decisions, and, from a business perspective, it can be no surprise they are deciding to retain their strongest courses and lose the weakest. It is controversial and some people are not happy, but it is hardly a case of a life-threatening crisis at the university.”

Maybe Patrick could help Muscatelli run the Hetherington Research Club, could these two save the local ‘tuck shop’?

He said that a number of consultation panels had been making good progress and they were close to sharing draft reports with the academics concerned, how does he know?

Is he sitting on the panels?

So, an associate and former graduate is rolled out to be the 'independent' voice when a little digging clearly ties him to senior management personnel.

Calman and Coggins.

Turning to the guy who runs the local boozer, how far Glasgow University senior management have fallen, couldn’t they have got an endorsement from the guy who runs the burger van at the top of Byres Road?

He does a decent scobby snack!

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli Principal!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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