Saturday, April 16, 2011

Patrick Harvie and the Green Party pledge £950 million on public transport, hey nutters, you can make the promise but you can't deliver it!

Dear All

I have no time for short arse Patrick Harvie, the guy’s a warmer, nothing more than an in house protestor masquerading as an MSP.

The latest cracker from the Greens is a pledge that they will deliver an additional £950 million for public transport over the next session of the Scottish Parliament.

The best previous that Patrick Harvie and co could do was to screw £35 million out of the Scottish Government.

Harvie thinks he will be a king maker.

As such he is already spending money that his party can’t cash; an extra £650 million will be allocated to public transport infrastructure.

Their wish list:

New and reopened railway stations
further rail electrification
more park and ride facilities
active travel such as walking and cycling.

He can’t deliver any of it.

The Green party also proposes spending £300 million to keep rail and bus fares down across Scotland.


And there is their support for plans to develop a non-profit body capable of bidding for the Scotrail franchise in 2014.

What that support will entail is anyone’s guess.

The Scottish Green party launched its public transport manifesto with Mark Ruskell, he is the party's top candidate for Mid Scotland and Fife.

He said:

"The car is king for every other party at Holyrood but Greens will work to turn parliament's priorities around and invest £650 million in a modern public transport network fit for the 21st century”.

And ram up everyone bills, he is a bit quiet on that aspect of green policy and cuts to public services affect real disadvantaged and vulnerable people as the Greens try and hold Holyrood to ransom.

Bizarrely Ruskell said at least 10% of the Scottish transport budget should support cycling and walking.

Someone going to pay me to walk or supply the population with bicycles!

As I have been blogging on previously, it is time that the Green protestors left the Holyrood building to go stand outside where they belong and whinge.

The Greens won’t be holding the SNP hostage, as for wanting £950 million, whistle, even if Harvie doubles his protest group it is still only 4 MSPs.

And 4 MSPs isn’t worth a £950 million ransom.

We don’t deal with terrorists or cranks in this country.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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The Source said...

What a pompus little insignifcant man Patrick Harvie is
He has NO credability what so ever as a MSP and is only in holyrood to make up numbers.
The greens are in a timewarp if they think they even stand the remotest possibility of succeding in anything..... Harvie...your a stonker my friend