Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ukip election posters branded as ‘racist’ as Nigel Farage defends Ukip’s tactics of an anti-immigration campaign ahead of Europe elections, who will speak for the disenfranchised working class down south, Ukip’s star is on the rise

Dear All

As well as the Scottish referendum on the go, we should also remember that there is a European Election taking place, however, in Scotland you would hardly know it as parties are fixated on the referendum.

Down south, the Tories, the Labour Party and the Lib Dems have a problem.


Ukip represents a real threat to the established three main political Parties, a genuine threat to their dominance in Westminster; the party is centre right and led by Nigel Farage.

Currently Ukip don’t have a Westminster seat but they are increasing their vote share.

The charge that is currently flung at Ukip is that they are ‘racist’, this tends to come from the political elite and their supporters.

The racist charge is being thrown again as UKIP leader Nigel Farage has had to defend a new immigration-centred Ukip poster campaign.

They say it is "a hard-hitting reflection of reality" after it was attacked as "racist."

Using £1.5 million of funding from millionaire ex-Tory donor Paul Sykes, the party is going hell for leather to launch its biggest-ever publicity drive ahead of European Parliament elections on May 22.

The Party hopes to make a major breakthrough because their message appeals to people that the main parties have left behind.

So, the poster on immigration will be displayed at hundreds of billboard sites across the country with a simple message that "British workers are hit hard by unlimited foreign labour."

The EU hasn’t a proper internal immigration system which I have proposed in the past, there needs to be one due to the fact that the EU now has 28 member states. I support free movement of labour, how regulations have to be put in place to manage it properly.

Also in the billboard ads, there is a secondary message; 26 million unemployed people across Europe are "after" UK jobs.

Ukip wants to leave the EU and one can see reasons for their position, however, the EU is still a good idea, the application leaves a lot to be desired. As we have seen there are major problems around the Euro currency as being unstable.

So, the UKip campaign is about protectionism, using the slogan "take back control of our country."
Others issues and complaints flagged up are 75% of British laws are made in Brussels and that UK taxpayers fund the "celebrity lifestyle" of EU bureaucrats.

Labour MP Mike Gapes said the ads were "racist" and has appealed to "all decent British Commonwealth and EU citizens" to register to vote in May's polls. It was the Labour Party who lied to the British people on immigration; they used a social engineering experiment to make the country more multicultural under the guise of economics.

Labour Leader Ed Miliband has since apologised for the Labour Party lying to the people on that issue.

Bit late for that as ordinary working class people are switching their votes depending on what type of election is being held.

Could Nigel Farage cause an upset at the Euro 2014?

Possibly, Ukip are tipped to push the Conservatives into third place.

An outlandish claim that they could win the election outright is a stretch but they should pick up votes from everyone, they are creating mass appeal right across the political spectrum.

Farage said of the posters:

"These posters are a reflection of reality of British people struggling to earn a living outside the Westminster bubble."

He added:

"Are we going to ruffle a few feathers among the chattering classes? Yes. Are we bothered about that? Not in the slightest. Ukip is hugely grateful to Paul Sykes for his magnificent contribution to the great cause of restoring Britain's ability to be a self-governing nation. The political earthquake I have spoken of is on its way."

Mr Sykes said:

"I am supporting the biggest campaign in Ukip's history to bring home to the British people what is at stake. The European elections are the most important for years. We have the chance to support a party that represents a complete break with the past. The other parties; are content to work within the existing Brussels straitjacket."

In Scotland, Ukip hasn’t turned a corner and gotten mass support, they need a more Scottish identity much in the same way as do the Scottish Conservatives.

It isn’t just enough to say you’re Scottish, you need Scottish policies.

Down south Ukip could do very well, a sign of how desperate the main parties are becoming is the use of the 'racist' tag, the main parties can't debate the issues because they don't want to listen regarding immigration from the people most affected.

Ukip just stepped in and cornered the market of the disaffected and disenfranchised.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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