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Scottish independence: Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond is forced to walk the streets looking for photo ops as Better Together’s Alistair Darling is to fly into Washington to give talks to the IMF and high profile political and economic think tanks, how much is 'Greedy' obese Salmond’s latest freebie fleecing Scots?

Dear All

It seems that the Scottish National Party has found another grudge, grievance and malcontent issue to latch on to regarding Alistair Darling.

As well as being the head of Better Together, Darling is also a Labour MP.

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond is in the US of A to promote independence, he is having another attempt to portray himself as a statesman, he isn’t, he is a man who is grasping at straws as his campaign continues to sink.

In going to the US, Salmond isn't spending his money, he is spending your money, taxpayer money is being used for another one of his ‘jollies’, you may remember I said he should milk his position for all it is worth and grab as much goodies.

Because, his time is over, he is on the way out.

Politically dead is politically dead.

Alistair Darling is also off to Americam he has been invited by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Alex Salmond hasn’t been invited, in fact no one of any serious political clout wants to hear from Salmond on any subject.

So, Darling will give a speech and he will also receive diplomatic support from the British Embassy, this is the issue that Nationalists are screaming about.

As well as the IMF talk, Darling hopes to discuss the referendum with some of Washington's powerful political and economic think tanks.

The UK Government says it is entirely appropriate for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to help Darling in this role because he is a Labour MP. Darling is a good speaker with an eye for detail, his observations would certainly be of interest to various think tanks in America.

Better Together confirmed Darling would take part in a range of referendum-related engagements in Washington.

Alex Salmond who is in hiding after the phoney flagship childcare policy was exposed as a massive con trick is reduced to standing in the street and walking about the place.

Apparently the SNP ‘statesman’ can’t generate any interest in his view of the global financial situation.

Do, the SNP have a case saying Darling’s treatment is an "abuse" of UK diplomatic resources?


Although, it protocol for Westminster and Scottish ministers to receive local embassy support, he is a Member of Parliament.

Darling will not be allowed to use embassy premises for Better Together meetings, so there is no “abuse” taking place.

Englishman and SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson said:

"This is an abuse of UK diplomatic resources by the No campaign. The UK Embassy in the US appears to be arranging meetings and interviews for Alistair Darling in his capacity as head of a political campaign, which steps way over the line. Mr Darling complains about public money to promote awareness of the White Paper so that people are informed about the ­referendum. The No campaign has laid itself wide open to the charge of hypocrisy."

So, does Angus Robertson have a smoking gun of proof?

No, he doesn’t, Robertson, and this is an old story is throwing shit trying to see if anything sticks.

SNP grudge, grievance and malcontent.

So, two visions are on offer in American about Scotland, Darling’s based on facts, and Salmond’s based on fiction.

Think tanks aren’t interested in fiction.

Have another pie, mind you are on  a ‘jolly’ you will probably be battering down steaks, prime cut Aberdeen Angus, washed down with fine wines and possibly paying another pinao player £1,000 to play for you will you eat.

Alex Salmond will be advocating Scottish independence between food breaks.

In a speech Salmond will try and bum up that Scotland could be a great nation!

‘Could’ doesn’t sound like he believes the prewritten shit of his advisors!

He will be giving the inaugural Glasgow Caledonian lecture in New York.

Salmond will say:

"Countries can exercise influence through the scale of their ambition and the strength of their ideas, rather than the size of their armies, their populations, or their territories. Scotland can be a progressive beacon, setting a positive example as a country which combines fairness and prosperity."

Try typing 'SNP vote rigging' in Google, and see how ‘progressive’ the SNP is.

For fairness, just look at Salmond's former employee Alex MacLeod, done for election fraud.

As to finding American friends, Salmond blew that chance when he opted to dump nuclear weapons out of Faslane in an independent Scotland.

The reason is that the SNP is full of various little groups of malcontents, one of which is the CND which has buried themselves in the party doing admin work in senior positions.

Salmond’s conversion to NATO is a campaign trick nothing more, he doesn’t believe in the alliance at all in my opinion, he just wants power. The Americans will want nothing to do with him. They have no time for fools who want to weaken Western security and give away strategic advantage to threats.

The Amnericans claim they are netural, if you think they are they aren’t trust me, Salmond could have mitigated their concerns with keeping Faslane as a nuclear sub base, stupidity overruled sanity.

Better Together claimed Darling was receiving Embassy support because he was an Edinburgh MP.

A spokesperson said:

"It's laughable for the nationalists to complain about this given that Alex Salmond will be in the States at the same time lavishly spending public money."

A UK Government spokeswoman said:

"It was entirely appropriate for the FCO to provide assistance to the former chancellor during his visit to the United States, which included meetings with the IMF. UK embassies provide ­considerable support for Scottish Government Ministers overseas, including roughly 50 visits in the last 16 months, and facilitation of [SNP External Affairs minister] Humza Yousaf's programme of visits to San Francisco and Vancouver as part of the Tartan Week celebrations."

Englishman SNP MP Angus Robertson is an embarrassment to Scotland, just as well he isn’t Scottish!

And never will be!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

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