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Scottish independence: Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister caught diving in for ‘scraps’ as she pushes her way into get noticed over Lord Robertson’s ‘over egged’ pudding on defence matters, she is looking sad, clumsy and desperate now

Dear All

Yesterday I wrote that Lord Robertson had over egged his pudding when he spoke on defence matters relating to an independent Scotland.

He had some points worth exploring, but his use of dramatic language was over the top.

“Cataclysmic”, he cried, well, it is language more fitting to a movie poster about the end of the world than the moving of the nuclear sub base at Faslane to somewhere in England or Wales.

Now, his speech has been denounced by pro-UK politicians as unhelpful in the new phase of  the Coalition putting a positive case for Scotland to staying in the Union.

Lord Robertson has been out of domestic politics for some time to although he was playing to the crowd at the Brookings Institute think tank in Washington DC, should have tempted his speech because it impacted on the domestic market.

We live in a digital age.

In his speech in the US, he said:

Scots should "properly and soberly examine the impact of their decision."

His next bit was a tad OTT; a Yes vote threatens the stability of the world?

No, a Yes vote doesn’t do that, it threatens the stability of Scotland, you see the white paper or ‘white manifesto’ as it has been dubbed makes many promises, and a lot of them are bogus.

The Scottish independence campaign is one entire massive fraud generate by Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

Also in Robertson’s speech at the Brookings Institute think tank he added:

"The loudest cheers for the break-up of Britain would be from our adversaries and from our enemies”.

That would be the various internal groups such as Sein Fein lite who hate the British establishment and seek to undermine it. The Russians although making bad choices in the Crimea, don’t flag up too much on the radar.

In a reflection, of how long he has been out of politics he said rather amusingly:
"Nobody should underestimate the effect all of that would have on existing global balances, and the forces of darkness would simply love it."

Forces of darkness!

I think he must mean the domestic ‘gits’ who surround Salmond and Sturgeon, they aren’t leaders, they are just the led.

Since Robertson’s speech, a Labour MP described the remarks as "over the top".

Batting for the Nationalists, Scoland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon expressed ‘shock’ at Lord Robertson's "insulting and offensive" comments.

What as much ‘shock’ as she had for her close personal friend Bill Walker smashing women’s faces in over 30 years, that type of shock?

Or the ‘shock’ of SNP vote rigging done by people connected to her and Alex Salmond?

Just how much ‘shock’ can George Robertson generate in this debate?

60 watt bulb shock!

Blair Jenkins, leader of Yes Scotland, said on independence that no-one had presented the prospect of a Yes vote in such "apocalyptic and menacing terms".

He said:

"George needs to calm down and tone down the rhetoric if he wishes to make a meaningful contribution to what is a generally measured and even-tempered debate on the right democratic choice for the people of Scotland."

Meanwhile, enjoying his retirement party, one of a series of freebies before his political death at the ballot box, Alex Salmond said an independent Scotland would be a "constructive" partner in Nato.

You can take that with a pinch of salt that is bollocks!

Salmond said:

"We won't have nuclear weapons; nobody seriously believes that a nation of five million people should be a nuclear-armed power. We will co-operate fully and constructively with our neighbours and ­partners, like the 25 Nato members, out of 28 which are not nuclear powers."

No one is asking Scotland to have nuclear weapons as Salmond well knows; the SNP position is to get rid of the Trident nuclear sub base in Faslane. Salmond is trying to shift the argument because he can’t win it on leaving Scotland defenceless.

In a more moderate tone, Alistair Darling, leader of the Better Together campaign said Scotland could have the best of both worlds: enjoying its own identity, culture and heritage while being part of a strong United Kingdom.

He added:

"Being part of the UK doesn't mean we need to give up what is best about Scotland.
We can be fiercely proud of all that Scotland has achieved, without giving up the security that comes from being part of something bigger. I know from my own time as Chancellor that being part of something bigger means greater economic security for Scotland."
He added: "The ability to pool and share our resources, rather than the burden falling on Scottish shoulders alone, is a clear positive benefit of being part of the UK."

Darling is a steady pair of hands.

You have to laugh somewhat at how Scotland’s unpopular Nicola Sturgeon keeps diving for scraps because someone who is a fringe player does some throwaway comments. In some respects she is like a dog chasing a unionist stick! They wave it in front of her face and when they throw it, she goes bounding after it. Picks it up and then comes trotting back with it and a big smile on her face, with an expression of look how well I have done!

Scotland’s unpopular Nicola Sturgeon can react to someone’s over blown nonsense, wow; that will really win over voters….. not!

Reacting to events again Nicola, not making them I see, can you do ‘gie’s a paw’, ‘sit up’ and ‘roll over’?

The only shock in the defence debate re independence, is that the SNP have no viable plan, that doesn’t promote ‘shock’ in Nicola Sturgeon, but a few ill placed words have her hopping about like mad.

Looking sad, clumsy and desperate!

George Laird right again, on Robertson's outburst and on Ms. Sturgeon, the shop soiled great white hope of Nationalism!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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highlander said...

Dear Everyone, Please do not by swayed by the pro-independence-ites obvious hatred of the English! ( It is no basis for splitting up the U.K.) Why cut ourselves off from some sort of financial charge off waving the Saltire into dangerous unchartered waters...I know a great number of Scots are suffering from a desperate anxiety..should the majority be swayed by the S.N.P....even to planning to MOVE TO ENGLAND !! if independence is a certainty...THIS CAN,T BE RIGHT...please..just leave things AS THEY ARE..."King" Alex..and "Queen" Nicola...are NOT WHAT SCOTLAND NEEDS..we need STABILITY...and support from our friends in the U.K.... as a WHOLE..