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Scottish independence: hundreds of angry Nationalists threaten to destroy Barrhead Travel because one man exercised his right to free speech, Salmond and Sturgeon spent decades whipping up resentment and hate, the pot is boiling over now, how long before ‘Kristallnacht’ in Scotland?

Dear All

One of things that the Scottish National Party cannot shy away from is the hate campaign which is directed at people who speak out against their bid for independence.

The Scottish National Party has preached what many see as anti English rhetoric from their conferences, gathering as many people from different little groups who hate the British establishment and its policies.

Two people who stand at the head of the queue to 'blame the English' are Scotland's 'jolly fat man' Alex Salmond and Scotland's unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Her current persona in politics which has been used to sway the gullible is 'Caring Nicola'.

Her previously 'superhero' persona was 'Angry wee Nat' woman, is it a bird, is it plane, well it definitely isn't 'super woman'. As Health Sec, 'Caring Nicola' was leaving Scots to die from cancer despite drugs being available to save them.

Despite that the sycophants that surround her and Salmond where strangely quiet as their fellow countrymen and women were left to die!

Not one of them decided to stand up for Scotland, not one of them decided to fight for Scots, another Nationalist gimmick used to con the voters.

If you speak out against Salmond and his warped judgment, you face the wrath of the Cybernats, the modern equivalent of the dark arts practiced by the Nazis in their rise in pre war Germany.

Just as German Jewish shops were targeted as not fitting into the new doctrine, fast forward to 2014, angry nationalists have called for a boycott of Scotland’s largest independent travel agent.

Barrhead Travel.

Barrhead Travel is now targeted after its founder urged staff to disregard the SNP’s “lies” about leaving the UK.

Regardless whether you subscribe to what he said or not, his business employs Scots, and the Cybernats want it destroyed.

Munro says he was determined to set out “the facts, not the lies being put out by the SNP.”

And the facts have been strangely amiss when it comes to asking for them from Salmond.

In the 'new order' if you ask questions, there will be "consequences".

When Munro sent his email, little did he know of the storm that was coming his way, scores of Nationalists took to the Internet to abuse Bill Munro, even comparing the entrepreneur to Robert Mugabe.

I don't remember a story of Bill Munro ever rigging a vote, but I do remember several stories of SNP members connected to Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon doing it.

Famously there was the case of 'rising star' Alex MacLeod who committed election fraud.

He worked for Salmond.

Munro sent an email to most of his employees warning that a Yes vote in September would be a “complete disaster” for the travel industry.

So, what is he unhappy about?

Among the concerns he raised were a separate Scotland’s debt levels, currency, EU membership, North Sea oil revenues, interest rates, public spending levels and the cost of leaving the UK.

On debt, Salmond says he will renege if he doesn't get the pound, that has consequences for everyone who has a home in Scotland.

£5,000 on a mortgage, and if Scotland wants to borrow money on the open markets, they will pay a premium rate, well above the norm, you don't renege on debt and get away with it.  

On currency, this is a hot topic because the UK won't share the pound, that leaves Scotland in a difficult position. With no Scottish currency planned, that means no central bank and no lender of last resort, that means cuts to budgets and services, huge cuts!

On the EU, well, as history shows and archive BBC footage, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon completely showed how utterly incompetent the SNP is on international matters, that was messed entirely. Scotland would be shut out of Europe as some of the members are said to be likely to vote No because of their own domestic political situation. That means no more EU grants after September 2014 if Salmond was to pull off a miracle. It also means that issues to whether EU law was still valid come into play. The EU is one of the biggest disasters that Salmond and Sturgeon blundered into, making false promises and wild accusations.

As to North Sea oil, when one of the oil fields closed due to a problem, it wiped £4.4 billion off the books that is the entire education budget for a year. Although the SNP talk about a trillion and a half under the North Sea, it isn't a trillion and a half they get to spend. That depends on various factors some relating to cost and some relating to rate of extraction. The North Sea is useful but it cannot solve all of Scotland's problems.

As to interest rates, an interesting question is who is going to set them if there is no currency union? Also who is going to run the Scottish Central Bank, indeed is there going to be a Scottish Central Bank? Will they be issuing government bonds? Would they also be the 'lender of last resort'? Will the Scottish Government have a Gold reserve? If so, how much do they plan to hold as a reserve? We hear talk about an Oil Fund from the SNP because they are trying to play off Scotland can be like Norway, but Scotland isn't Norway, not in any respect socially or economically, and never will be, no matter how many episodes of Borgen that Nicola Sturgeon watches.  

If you are a keen watcher of politic and finance programmes, you may have possible are aware of the Russian Channel RT.com, in general, they cover a variety of interests, but one programme worth watching is the Keiser Report from by Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert. The first part of the programme is a discussion by Max and Stacy on current events, second half is usually a guest spot. One of the shows, Max made a statement, he said that Alex Salmond was economically illiterate, because he doesn't want independence, no Scottish currency, no Scottish central bank, and he has a point. Alex Salmond isn't fighting for Scottish independence, he has sold his party a pig in a poke, and they are too stupid to speak out.

Or is it they are afraid of what will happen to them as they have seen what has happened to others in the party who speak out?

Who knows!

So, Munro does have valid concerns, his interpretation maybe open to counter, but what he got goes well beyond acceptable levels. 

The nationalists responded by urging Scots to boycott the firm.

So, let us be clear, for one man sending one email, the Nationalists wish to destroy the lives of more than 800 people.

At the same time, bizarrely they argue Munro’s intervention amounted to bullying his staff.

Given the vote is secret, Munro would never know if one or eight hundred voted yes or no!

He said:

“In response to an increasing number of questions from Barrhead Travel employees regarding my views on the referendum, I decided to share my opinion which is that independence would not be good for Scotland, its business or customers.”

His email said:

“For Barrhead Travel and most, if not all travel companies, it will be a complete disaster, especially with branches in England and Ireland. Thirty-seven per cent of our business comes from England and we would not be able to trade outwith Scotland due to Scotland being outwith the EU and English regulations for at least three years.”

Munro concluded:

“The devil is in the detail and as the weeks pass and more is discovered the magnitude of the impending disaster should there be a Yes vote becomes ever more apparent.”

His email also introduced to his employees  an analysis by Robert Lyddon, an international banking consultant, which concluded the remainder of the UK could not agree a currency union with a separate Scotland.

As we have already seen in Southern European countries, the one sizes fits all doesn't work without complete integration such as the current UK setup, Greece is an  example of a country which cannot marry up properly to be Euro. Although the Euro sounds good in principle application is another matter entirely.

Did anyone ever think it was possible that in a European country you could end up eating out of bins?

Although less we forget, the UK is not without its problems, some of them are severe but independence doesn't cure the problems of inequality.

The Lyddon report also warned of savage cuts to public spending to bring down a separate Scotland’s debt levels and “damagingly high” interest levels.

This is because the 'white paper' isn't a 'white paper'; it is a 'white manifesto' for the Scottish National Party attempt in 2016 to try and win what they think will be the first independent Parliament.

Hundreds of nationalists took to the social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to state they were boycotting the company and attack Mr Munro personally for exercsie free speech.

One cybernat said:

“Will never use you again. I will be urging ALL my friends and family to do the same.”

Another urges:

“Boycott them now”.

And so to Nationalist smearing:

“So many comments were just plain lies it cannot be taken seriously. Mugabe-like behaviour.”

A fourth unhappy camper listed companies such as Woolworths that have gone under in recent years and predicted that Barrhead Travel “will be the next big name to liquidate after today’s Vote No Lies”.

So much for people exercising free speech in a democracy, however the SNP don't want a democracy, they want a one party state where they always control Holyrood and the Government.

Labour MP Jim Murphy for East Renfrewshire, tweeted:

“Nationalists’ attempt to bully Barrhead Travel, a great Scottish company, are totally out of order and won’t work. They have a right to say No.”

He added:

“This is the worst type of negative politics from Yes campaigners."

What Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon have done over decades is 'poison the Nationalist well' to such an extent that there can be no viable attempt at independence under their leadership.

The results speak for themselves, although the Scottish National Party try and say this has nothing to do with them, we should remember that people connected to the leadership and who Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon know personally have been involved in hate campaigns. The tactics used go beyond normal politics and hark back to 1930's Nazi Germany.  The SNP is filled with people who aren't Nationalists whose agenda is that they 'hate the British', for example the republicans or 'Sein Fein lite' as I dubbed them. They don't give a toss about the people of Scotland and it shows in what the SNP are currently doing in Holyrood.

Political records should be judged in their entirety and how long it takes to act, clearly the Nationalists have a lot to learn. The backlash against Munro is an example of how intolerant the views of ordinary people are to anyone who stands in the way of a Yes vote and Salmond. After the defeat of Salmond and Sturgeon, the SNP clique will try and carry on usual, however no one will be forgetting what was done and it will won't be brushed off as 'heat of the campaign'.

Alex Salmond, Scotland's 'jolly fat man', First Minster of Scotland, a man married to a woman old enough to be his mother, and who has an adultress as an aide, he is history. He can clear his desk and take Joan McAlpine into political exile with him, to finish his book, an apt title might be 'I am no Nationalist’.

One thing is certain, Fascism is back, how long will be before 'Kristallnacht' when Nationalist ‘Blue shirts’ decide to smash the windows of Barrhead Travel?    

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University    

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