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Scottish independence: Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon accidently knifes Alex Salmond in the back over staying in expensive hotels; another epic fail attempt to win the moral high ground, her ‘smart mouth’ doesn’t equal ‘smart brain’!

Dear All

It seems that Scotland's unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon is feeling the strain of the inept campaign that she has ran since 2012 as the 'face of independence'.

As the pressure mounts and she staggers on, she is knifing people, left, right and centre without looking who is getting hit in the process.

Her latest victim is Scotland's 'jolly fat man' Alex Salmond who is looking like a pin cushion after a increasingly delusional Ms. Sturgeon was swinging and hacking away to try and escape the spotlight of direct examination of the SNP clique and their largesse for taxpayer's money spending on themselves.

The new drama centres of Alex Salmond's love of luxury hotels.

Hypocrisy screams the angry wee Nat as she tries to defend the indefensible.

So what is her defence of Salmond this time?

Well, it is a classic, that is traditional, drum roll, please!

It's in the past the Labour First Minster Jack McConnell liked luxury as well.

Two wrongs in her eyes make a right!

Scotland's unpopular Deputy First Minster.... trained lawyer!

Let's look at an example to see why her defence doesn't stand up, if a guy is an axe murderer, does he have a defence if he says 'well other people done it in the past'.

Patently not!

He just has a story!

Ms. Sturgeon is touted as a 'social justice' lawyer, although politics is a serious business, that joke always makes me laugh!

To step out of this story for a moment, ask yourself this, would you want Nicola Sturgeon as your lawyer? If you answer No, you are either showing good judgment or taking a 50/50 guess.

If you answer yes, you need your head examined.

When you look at the law the SNP is passing and her judgment as the 'face of indy' you have to ask yourself is this a 'social justice' lawyer standing up for Scottish people in parliament?

That answer is No!

You would stand a better chance if your represent yourself, despite the old adage that a person who represents themselves has a fool for a client. Ms. Sturgeon suffers from the disease of 'smart mouth' not equalling 'smart brain'.

In law preparation is vital, in presenting her defence of Salmond, she chose to rely on 'smart mouth' instead of doing the work, another hall mark of the failed Scottish independence campaign under her leadership.

The SNP attempt to downplay Alex Salmond's latest 'outed' five-star hotel bill has backfired spectacularly because of stupidity.

It seems that Ms. Sturgeon doesn't have an eye for detail after it emerged her boss  stayed at luxury accommodation singled out by her for direct criticism.

The unpopular Deputy First Minister recently defended Salmond's oversees expense claims by saying he would not get caught staying at New York's upmarket Benjamin Hotel like Jack McConnell, his Labour predecessor.

The Benjamin?

So, what is the damage staying at the Benjamin?

£2,900 a night!

Salmond parked his ass there spending three nights in a king suite there during a taxpayer-funded trip to the United States in October 2007.

A fellow guest who isn't short of a bob or two was helpful enough to say he met Salmond during the stay and he was staggered by the SNP "two-faced ... hypocrisy" in attacking other politicians for visiting the hotel.

Real genuine lack of talent in the SNP.   

Paul Martin MSP, Labour's Business Manager, said Ms Sturgeon had misled parliament over the matter and called for an immediate apology.

The Benjamin is a "luxury boutique-styled hotel" which "exudes modern elegance".

Standing 29-floors in downtown Manhattan, it is a landmark that dates back to 1927.

It is so trendy that it has paintings by Georgia O'Keefe, the famous modernist artist hanging about the place. Personally, I would have gone somewhere cheaper and went to the Museum.

Rooms at £2,900 a night, include a separate living room and kitchen area with marble-topped counters.

When you go to bed, you can roll about on ivory Egyptian cotton sheets and they offered guests a choice of 12 different pillows including memory foam, buckwheat and ones filled with water.

When Ms Sturgeon was asked about the ridiculous expense claims of Salmond last week at First Minister's Questions, she launched an attack on Salmond's predecessor's past trips abroad.

Grudge, grievance and malcontent, the hallmark of her political career oozed out of her, when in doubt scream, blame others, never address the point.

She said:

"I can certainly tell Johann Lamont where the First Minister will not be staying when he is in New York this week. He will not be staying at The Benjamin Hotel, which, I understand, is frequented by Paul McCartney and was the favoured hotel of Jack McConnell when he attended Tartan Week.

But the jibe backfired when a spokesman for The Benjamin confirmed that Salmond had spent the nights in a one-bedroom king suite at the hotel.

So, in went the knife, exposing her party and boss as a bunch of hypocrites, and then attempting to cover it up, by bluff, bluster and inept buffoonary.

A Scottish Government spokesperson said:

"As always, due to security reasons we cannot confirm where the First Minister is currently staying in New York."


Security from what exactly, weight watchers?

Alex Salmond is rolling around on ivory Egyptian cotton sheets while working class people are being used as mugs to do the work.

£2,900 a night, I am reminded of the old classic line in a movie when someone is told the price of something rather expensive:

"For that price they better suck me and fuck me"!

Finally, when in Scotland, the SNP hold meetings in church halls to come across as all for the common man, as we are seeing, that is just another part of the con trick they use on both the public and their working class members.

As I said the SNP is a party within a party, this example just shows what I said is right, Alex Salmond is a rather stupid, greedy little man, perhaps it is just his lower middle class upbringing that makes him crave the trappings of wealth.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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