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Scottish independence: Postal workers' union urges members to vote No to Scottish indy, the collapse of SNP support continues apace as Salmond and Sturgeon see they have no extended base of support, 19th September, Salmond will get 'Bad luck, better luck next time' flood delivered by posties!

Dear All

The CBI decision to declare as pro union was a mistake, in their haste they forgot to look at their membership.

In some cases being neutral has advantages, as some of their members are forced to be neutral such as universities and of course the BBC.

Unions don't have such a problem; the latest to recommend No is the Postal Workers Union.

Postal workers are to be urged by their union to vote against independence in Scotland.

At their annual conference of the Communication Workers Union, a motion was passed to support the UK.

In Scotland, there are about 17,000 members working on postal and telecoms services, a sizeable number which probably believes that there is strength in numbers.

The motion recommending "all members in Scotland that they vote 'no' in the forthcoming Scottish Independence Referendum" was passed at the 800-strong conference in Bournemouth.

The result is another major blow for Alex Salmond and Scotland's unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon who are seeing more and more organisations coming out as pro UK.

CWU general secretary Billy Hayes said:

"We are recommending a 'no' vote to our Scottish members in September's Scottish Independence Referendum. This decision is based on a need for unity against austerity and the barrage of cuts from the coalition Government and the SNP in Scotland. This is an extremely important constitutional debate and it is crucial that as a trade union we are able to assist our members on the impact this will have on the Scottish economy and that of the rest of the UK. The majority of our members support a 'no' vote as we found when conducting polls and holding forums. A 'no' vote would be in the best interests of our members."

CWU deputy general secretary Andy Kerr said:

"We believe that Scottish independence would have a profound effect on the companies we work with. Royal Mail, Post Office Ltd and BT all have extensive networks operating in Scotland and an independent Scotland would put untold pressure on these companies and the jobs of our members. It's not clear what the implications would be on Royal Mail's Universal Service Obligation in an independent Scotland, the pension schemes our members are enrolled in or how it would affect the roll-out of broadband services to the inaccessible rural communities in Scotland. Independence would have a significant impact on the ability of these companies to invest in their networks."

It seems that workers aren't winning to bet their future on milk and honey promises of Salmond and Sturgeon.

Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran said:

"Today the CWU becomes the sixth major trade union to back Scotland's place in the UK. A vote for Scotland to remain in the UK is a vote for the trade union way - working together with family, friends and colleagues across the whole of the UK to make Scotland a fairer place to live. I am delighted that posties will be working hard to deliver a No vote in September."

God; the Better Together crowd must be loving the fact that people are waking up and asking the difficult questions, something the SNP is reluctant to answer on the key issues such as jobs, pensions and currency.

Blair Jenkins, chief executive of Yes Scotland described by a former insider as an SNP front said:

"The STUC's (Scottish Trades Union Congress) stated position - and one we believe to be highly significant - is not to support the pro-union campaign backed by Labour, and individual unions representing tens of thousands of workers have already agreed with that line. However it should be emphasised that the STUC's position is that it is 'more attracted' to Yes. It is our job and intention between now and September 18 to persuade all trade unionists of the opportunities of Yes to build a fairer and more socially just Scotland, to protect and enhance workers' rights and to create new jobs by growing our economy in a responsible and sustainable way."

Jenkins is so out of his depth, he is kidding himself on if no one else, the game is up for Salmond and Sturgeon, as the end draws nearer, the questions and the detail will be ramped up, answers to questions cannot be put off.

And what we are seeing so far such as the phoney childcare policy missing £700 million and 40,000 mums is that the SNP haven't done the work as I previously said and haven't convinced anyone except their sycophants who hope for a payday.

19th September, Scotland's 'jolly fat man' Alex Salmond will be getting a lot of mail all saying the same thing, 'Bad luck, better luck next time'.

Have you paid your dues Salmond?

'No Sir, the cheque is not in the mail!'

Yours sincerely
George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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