Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Open letter to ‘Alex Salmond’ from the Daily Record, I see you’re enjoying yourself in your exchange of views with ‘Mark Weldon’, remember to exercise some social responsibility and stick with the truth, cybernats can’t stomach that flung in their faces

Dear ‘Alex Salmond’ from the Daily Record

I have been looking at your posts on the Daily Record and your continual fight with ‘Markus Weldon’.

What you do, is of course your affair, I also notice you drop by the blog as you use material for your Daily Record exchange of views, so here is some advice.

Some things which come to mind, your use of spacing needs to be worked on, also you stated:

 “Markus you should limit yourself to 'open and shut cases', you don’t strike me as Columbo, or Banacek, or even Marshall Sam McCloud, maybe Insp. Clouseau.

Finally some advice....get yerself a boxset of Sherlock homes”.

Can I remind you that, Sherlock Holmes is the correct spelling, detail matters, and of course the classic series stars Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce.  Rathbone was regarded as the finest swordsman in Hollywood, although Errol Flynn had more presence. I assume that this is a typo on your part.

You may wish consider a short piece of time spent on research and proof reading as worth investing in to enhance your blogging experience.

I find your ability to cause upset to be hilarious, ‘Markus Weldon’, I see he has cut and pasted this as a form of attack to which I would like to add some comments in italics:

“George Wynne/Jimmy Vaughan/Alex Salmond/George Paterson
11:52 AM on 1/4/2014

Mr Angry hater of all things SNP, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon

I was never sacked as an SNP Activist, I resigned.

It was reported in DR at the time. There is even a photograph with Ms Sturgeon.

I gave the Daily Record the story.

He is now the author of a blog called The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow Uni which is a sham hate site for anything SNP, Alex Salmond, or Nicola Sturgeon but has absolutely nothing to do with Glasgow University.

It isn't a 'hate site and my blog started long before I was ever in the SNP.

He also had a spat with Renfrew Labour Councillor Terry Kelly who described Laird as an SNP FANTASIST...Googles got loads of it.

Kelly is a nut!

The writings on the bogus Glasgow Uni blog are replicated here by George Wynne...who is also a very angry SNP hater which is evident if you read his posts...what could the motive possibly be?

The persona George Wynne has now been banned by the DR and Wynne/Laird has taken up new identities of Jimmy Vaughan and Alex Salmond and continues to spout his anti-Scottish hatred.

Wow, he is really clever, I bet he finished school. 

The avatars for Vaughan and Salmond can been seen on George Wynne's facebook page.

...Lemon Entry my dear Watson”.

A man who can follow a trail that leads nowhere, maybe he can run the Scottish security service. However, it is worth noting he couldn't get your true location.

He is right on one thing; it takes no real effort to spot you but if you are happy doing what you are doing, who am I to stop your budding career, who knows, perhaps the Daily Record might push out Joan McAlpine and give you her slot, how does £400 a week sound?

Poor Markus is foaming at the mouth so much he might keel over in rage!

Just be careful you don't end up as being the very people you are fighting against.

Finally, you can do more damage with the truth than you ever can with anything else.  

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University    

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Anonymous said...

Well said Mr Laird...your advice is taken on board more importantly keep up the good work