Friday, April 25, 2014

Senior Lib Dem Lord Oakeshott is in a bit of a flap, the Lib Dems have lost the ‘pissed off’ vote, protest vote has gone bye bye to Nigel Farage and Ukip, if Ukip’s polling holds in the Euro election, they could bounce into Westminster in 2015, Nick Clegg buried the Lib Dems by selling out his principles (if he had any)

Dear All

If you are a lib Dem voter, one of the things that will upset you is that Nick Clegg and his party conned you to get into power by lying.

Since 2010 the Lib Dems have certainly seen trust in them vanish, voters have marched off, and some will feel rightly betrayed.

So, if you are a Lib Dem voter, where do you go now?

Well .it seems Ukip is making a play for everyone in the 2014 Euro elections, and if their polling holds up, the Ukip could see a real increase in their numbers at the European Parliament.

Ukip have been quite clever as the position themselves as the anti-establishment, the party that speaks for and about the ordinary man and woman.

Such is their threat that more or less all the main parties feel threatened, so much so, their allies have repeatedly branded Ukip as racist.

They aren’t a racist party; someone needs to speak up for working class people other than just at election time.

The Labour Party dropped the ball, the Conservatives dropped the ball and the Lib Dems also dropped the ball.

And a protest vote can be a bitter pill to swallow.

If Ukip does do well, it could be the springboard they need to get into Westminster; this would really be the payday that that Nigel Farage wants.

He hopes to replace the Lib Dems as the third party.

And the Lib Dems know this as a senior Liberal Democrat has claimed the party has lost the anti-establishment vote to Ukip and will not get it back.

Lord Oakeshott admitted the LibDems have lost the "plague on both your houses" vote.

This time round, no one is ‘agreeing with Nick’.

Lord Oakeshott is a realist, he knows that the Lib Dems are damaged; he probably knows that the Conservatives are using them as a human shield much like holding up a dead man to take the hits from a machine gun.

He also acknowledged that the party would not win back the protest vote in time for the 2015 General Election.

His solution is to call for the party to quit the Coalition after May's elections.

Does this mean he wants Clegg out?

I doubt it, Clegg and a small group including David Laws buried the party, they also have to go into the wilderness, in this case a revamp is also a clear out.

Lord Oakeshott told Channel 4 News:

"We've had plenty of people who vote for us for our policies. But there are also a lot of people who vote for us because we are not Conservative or Labour. Now that second half, the 'p*** off' vote if I can call it that, we have lost that and we've lost it frankly mostly to Ukip and that is not going to come back."

In politics, you need to convince the ‘pissed off’ vote to become the core vote, Clegg blew that big time.

Although the polls are grim, the Lib Dems still have pockets of support, but in the wider context, they are stuffed.

As to quitting the coalition, I can’t see how they can benefit, they climbed into bed with the Tories willingly; they stood by while measures like the bedroom tax were pushed through. They never stood up for the people affected most.

Any sudden remorse would be seen as fake as the Elish ‘Labour ‘Angolini conversion as a caring sharing human being.

The coalition is plodding on regards, Lord Oakeshott said the "spark has gone" from the coalition marriage but it was an arranged marriage, not for love but for money, power and perks.

The ‘child’ spawned is Ukip, the anti establishment party.  

Lord Oakeshott said:

"We must give ourselves a year to get our own messages firmly across. It's clear that we Liberal Democrats, having done our duty for the country supporting the Government getting our reforms through, are in grave danger ourselves."

What message is that, ‘I am innocent, it was all David Cameron’?

Turn it up me old beauty!!!!!!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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