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Scottish independence: Alex Salmond accused of tokenism over female minister 'stunt', it took him 7 years to ‘practice what we preach’, Margaret Curran sums up his speech perfectly….. “drivel”, Grim Reaper on standby as Salmond enters political death’s ante room

Dear All

The Scottish National Party has held their ‘pre wake’ in Aberdeen at the weekend for Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond.

The conference was a celebration of failure to achieve, on many levels it was a failure, the worst failure exhibit with pride concerned women.

Alex Salmond has elevated two women to Cabinet positions; that was described by senior Opposition politicians as "the very worst type of tokenism".

They are of course right, the attempt to win the women’s vote is so crude, it is rather like a virgin pulling at his first set of female panties!

Women will see through this straight away, they are being conned and being played for suckers.

Crude, unsophisticated and will ultimately backfire.

Ruth Davidson, the Scottish Tory leader rightly denounced the move as a “particularly cynical stunt” and rightly questioned why neither of the female ministers had been given this status over the past seven years of SNP rule at Holyrood.

Samond is rattled, this is clear, his botched childcare fiasco, £700 million and 40,000 mums missing is a sign of knee jerk politics, say anything to win a vote cache.

So, lets us be very clear what Salmond has done, he has effective said, ‘listen dear, you are promoted to be a Cabinet minister in a phoney made up position  and you will not be supported by a team of your own ministers’.

Are women going to vote for independence because Alex Salmond boosted the pay of two women from £84,445 to £101,757?


Salmond’s speech was a pleading and extraordinary death cry, relatively short, but emotionally charged.

Political death is coming for him, he has entered death’s ante room; he is waiting as the clock ticks down to ultimate judgment.

Salmond during his final farewell said he wanted companies in an independent Scotland to ‘aspire’ to having their boards be 40% female.

Although he might be able to push that through using law, we should remember that positive discrimination is just discrimination.

Salmond said:

"We practice what we preach”.

It took 7 years for him to act, hardly a practicing what I preach kinda guy to me, more like a ‘looking at the female vote saying no kinda guy’ to me.

He added:

“The Cabinet is our board as a country, and women will make up 40% of the members of the Scottish Cabinet."

Does he think he is talking to simpletons?

I ask that question because it rather looks like it.

Scottish Labour's shadow cabinet is already 40% female.

SNP ministers and delegates are now confidently predicting a Yes win with some SNP ministers saying a 60%-40% victory is likely.

That is never going to happen, Salmond has run his course, the SNP has been exposed as liars on the key issues; they think this will pull off a 60%-40% victory?

Bluff, bluster and delusional thinking!

Salmond decied to play the crowd by demanding David Cameron debate with him on TV; gave a "cast-iron guarantee" that Trident would be expelled and the bedroom tax abolished after a Yes vote.

If this is his wares, he is really in trouble, Trident is staying because there is a wider picture that Scots recognize, he should have gone with my positive agenda of pro Nato and pro nuclear Faslane, he lacks vision,

On the cusp of the biggest decision in modern Scottish political history, he spoke for only 30 minutes; he couldn’t even get a 10 minute standing ovation from the faithful.

Of Better Together, he said:

"They are the most miserable, negative, depressing and thoroughly boring campaign in modern political history. They are already out of touch with the people and are now losing touch with reality."

Better Together are winning!

On cybernats, the hare wing of nationalism which several are connected to the SNP leadership of Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, Salmond had this message:

"The Yes campaign is positive, uplifting, hopeful and must always stay that way."

Try telling that to my nationalist stalker @georgemlaird who setup a hate account on twitter using my name, and members of Team Sturgeon joined immediately including the official twitter account of Anniesland SNP.

In a piece of theatre which recognised that people hate him, he said the vote was not about the SNP or him personally.

This vote is all about one man taking control of Scotland that can never be allowed to happen.

He used the con trick:

"It's about putting Scotland's future in Scotland's hands."

In his warped mind, he thinks he is Scotland.

In a dig at the Tories, just to return to his ‘positive’ campaign he said:

"In an independent Scotland we can give this guarantee: the era of Tory governments unelected by the people of Scotland handing out punishment to the poor and the disabled will be gone and gone for good."

Positive campaign!!!!!

Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran said possibly the best analysis of the 30 minute call to arms when she said it was "drivel".

Curran added:

"Women will see through his cynical attempts to win them over."

Conservative MSP John Lamont said:

"Alex Salmond knows he has a problem appealing to half of the electorate, but women can spot a dodgy chat-up line when they hear it. He has had seven years to do something about childcare, but he is only now interested in the issue because he thinks there are votes in it for himself."

Former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell said the speech failed to answer the "big questions" hanging over independence.

30 minutes, nothing no, no radical vision, a few cronies given a pay rise, a plea to Labour voters and women and that was that.

I don’t think that a man married to a woman old enough to be his mother will be feeling the hand of destiny on his shoulder, one thing he will be feeling on the 18th September is the political Grim Reaper coming to claim his political life.

Finally, Salmond's sent his activists out on the equivalent of the 'Bataan death march', best to avoid that by going on sick parade.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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