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Scottish independence: Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon sees the SNP bogus flagship policy on childcare destroyed, £700 million pounds missing and 40,000 mums missing, as Oscar Wilde would say, ‘sounds like carelessness’, I guess we can all cancel the 'babysitter' Nicola?

Dear All

Today, I was invited to be part of the audience at Brian Taylor’s Big Debate in sunny Bearsden.

Or as I call it Beers den!

Anyway, the panel, Patrick Harive for the Greens, David Martin, Labour MEP, Mona Siddiqui, Edinburgh Uni, formerly Glasgow Uni, Court member, Fiona McLeod, SNP MSP and Neil Baxter.

The best speaker was Neil Baxter, Patrick Harvie spoke well; David Martin did a reasonably good job, Ms. Siddiqui pitched well. All in the panel was pretty much what you would have expected. Brian Taylor handled the show well as a veteran of many a political debate.

I talked about the affordability of the SNP’s childcare policy which is said to cost £700 million to enact.In order to finance this proposal women would have to get highly paid jobs, a report I read previously said this would have to be in the region of £42,000 a year.

As the Scottish independence campaign rumbles on and people are now researching the SNP claims, they are finding out that the ‘white paper’ plans dubbed the most comprehensive blueprint for an independent country by Joan McAlpine are bogus!

The SNP's flagship childcare plan is missing £700m.

And it also gets worse, 40,000 mums are also missing!

How could Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon be missing 40,000 mums?

Well, they are just making it up as they go along, voters deserve better than back-of-an-envelope planning.

The SNP see women as a key target to win indy; so bribes are offered, childcare is one, changing the law on corroboration to make rape conviction is another ‘carrot’.

One of the other reasons to put women centre piece is the Bill Walker scandal, the SNP MSP who spent 30 years smashing in women’s faces.

Nicola Sturgeon’s pal is now out of prison, but the women’s vote has also gone walkabout.

You see ‘Caring Nicola’ who acts out the role as a ‘concerned citizen’ particularly when TV camera is in her face, really doesn’t care.

So, what about the missing £700 million, well, the answer, from Nicola Sturgeon is highly revealing, it cannae go at present, she said, because the taxes raised by women returning to work would go to the Whitehall Treasury instead of to a Scottish Government.

See what I mean about ‘Caring Nicola’ not being caring, the message is independence-first, mothers-second.

As I blogged previously the whole independence bid is massive fraud from start to finish, Sturgeon is selling a pig in a poke, she comes in front of people with her confident assertions.

And it is all fiction, a house of cards, vague promises built on sand.

The Scottish Government’s own civil service have examined the plan and concluded that there are not enough young mothers in Scotland.

Do the SNP suggest importing women to make up the short fall?

Who knows, they do plan mass immigration which would cripple Scotland for decades.

The SNP have been found out and have had to admit there was no economic modelling of the plan.

Yes, they really are clueless, utterly clueless and mentally destitute as to how the scheme would be paid for.

This lack of planning isn’t just a blip regarding childcare; it runs right through the entire independence bid.

There is no vision, everything is knee jerk, everything is short term; nothing stacks up when a light is shone on it.

And although the majority of the SNP are ignorant, even with the entire machinery of the Scottish Government behind them, years of preparation as a party machine, the SNP are still found wanting.

So, what is the idea of Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon?

Simpleton belief that everything will be all right on the night!

Other tripe already covered, serious stuff, left hanging because the SNP use assertions are being able to use the pound and automatic EU membership.

Both of these have been shot to shit by Westminster and EU officials.

The SNP’s big plan on childcare is just wishful thinking, in politics it is called aspiration, today at the big debate in Bearsden; Fiona McLeod, SNP MSP appeared to suggest childcare won’t start immediately on day one.

The reality is that with £700 million missing, and 40,000 mums also missing, no economic modelling of the plan, it could take decades to put their plan into effect. Or do they plan to remove £700 million from the current budgets and slash and burn services even further?

The funny thing is Sturgeon doesn’t appear to think that trying to con voters is wrong, bluster and fingers crossed, no one has the balls to call her out, well people are calling her, they are going to go through everything like the inland revenue crawling up your arse because your tax return is late.  

Through-out this failed independence bid, I said there was a real lack of talent in the SNP, George Laird right again.

‘Caring Nicola’ isn’t as caring as people think, if she was, she wouldn’t be trying to take the piss out of them with phoney promises which are worthless thrown together tosh.

As to the debate in Bearsden, no real winners, a few wingnuts in the audience, one of who said to his wee ned pal:

“there is that tube there”.

A reference to me, this is the same idiot who gate crashed the Better Together debate in the Mitchell Library and then abused me as a ‘traitor’ despite the fact I wasn't at the event.

So, what is his claim to fame?

In 2008, he was putting up posters for John Mason on lamp posts.

Einstein he isn’t but then as we are seeing neither is Nicola Sturgeon!

No birth of a Nation for her!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University   

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Anonymous said...

As I've said before once they con voters the two of them will disappear. This is simply about winning votes and not being beaten. They'll leave other folk to pick up the pieces. They know the white paper is trash but it will con the uninformed.