Monday, April 7, 2014

Scottish independence: Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is reduced to scrounging for votes off CND supporters in Glasgow; she boldly declares she has been a supporter of nuclear disarmament for circa 30 years, are you telling me that after 30 years you still can’t work out how to protect a country Nicola?

Dear All

At every Westminster election, the Scottish National Party run with anti Nuclear platform as part of their campaign.

And every time it doesn't work.

When the SNP was struggling for support supporters, they would cosy up more or less to anyone.

One of the groups which they did this to was CND.

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament!

Although no one wants nuclear war, when the Atom Bombs were dropped on Japan in World War 2, the world changed forever, we entered the nuclear age, and the nuclear age is here to stay.

We can't un-invent nuclear weapons.

With the Scottish independence going rather badly for the Nationalists, and acknowledging that there have been a few blips in the polls, the SNP leadership of Scotland's 'jolly fat man' Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon needs 'boots in the dirt'. They have cultivated various little anti British groups to their cause. In 2012, I said that the SNP had to adopt NATO and declare themselves pro Faslane remaining as a Nuclear base.

They adopted NATO but stuck to getting rid of the nuclear weapons, their bankrupt defence policy of about 30 years. The SNP is a party with a party and they need working class mugs to get them elected.  This led to the whole party dripping with various little groups who run on grudge, grievance and malcontent. In the big wide world of defence, separation is dangerous; it makes you vulnerable to being picked off.

An example is Ukraine, their political leadership was weak and the country fell apart, leaving the Russians to make their play for the Crimea. Politically for them that will be a disaster, but their mistake, they messed, they have started a new era which will probably develop into a new cold war.

Scotland's unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon has recently told a protest of CND, that the independence referendum is the only real chance to rid Scotland of nuclear weapons. Sturgeon isn't a military strategist and moving the nuclear arsenal to England still makes Scotland vulnerable. In a nuclear war, all of the UK would be targeted, including Scotland. Do you think SNP protestations of a nuclear Scotland would change Russian target packages? If you do, you are suffering from delusion, Salmond has decided to put Scotland into NATO, if independent that makes Scotland have the same position that it has now.

As I said, there is a real lack of talent in the SNP; you only have to look at the SNP bonkers defence policy to see that.

So, what is the SNP plan for defence?

It is fluid (clueless) and what we are getting so far, is, bullshit, such as the promise that anyone in the armed forces has a 'job for life'. The military doesn't operate on that basis, soldiering is as the old phrase goes, 'is a young man's game'. As to the Scottish Navy, we don't know anything about how big that will be, when asked Angus Robertson, SNP MP said it would be like Norway, when asked how many ships they had, he answered he didn't know, so much for professionalism on his part.

He is out of his depth.

When unpopular Nicola Sturgeon spoke of her commitment to nuclear disarmament at a CND Scotland rally in Glasgow's George Square at the weekend, you would think, she was just doing a routine to try and secure another vote cache.

Sturgeon described the planned replacement of the UK's Trident nuclear deterrent, based on the Clyde, as a "monumental mistake".

She has lived under the security of the umbrella all of her life, as to military matters, she is as ignorant as most of the SNP leadership who are using the politics of the student union rather than the politics of internationalism.

She said:

"For all of my political life I have been committed to the pursuit of nuclear disarmament - indeed, I was in the CND before I was in the SNP. But for all of my life I have lived under the shadow of the United Kingdom's nuclear arsenal, based only a few miles away on the Clyde. It is, and always has been, unacceptable to me that such devastation could be launched from Scotland. But it is clearer than ever that all of the warm words from successive UK governments about nuclear non-proliferation are just that - warm words. There are less than six months to go until Scotland decides what kind of country we want to be. One of the biggest choices we face is whether Scotland remains home to weapons of mass destruction, or whether we take this opportunity to remove them once and for all. Just think about it - as the world's newest country, one of the first things an independent Scotland will have the chance to do is rid itself of weapons of mass destruction. I cannot think of any more powerful statement we can make to the world about what kind of country we will be, and what our place in the world will be. With all of the main Westminster parties making it absolutely clear that they intend to make the monumental mistake of renewing Trident, September's referendum is the only real chance we have of ridding ourselves of nuclear weapons. Put simply, it is now or never."

The great thing about talking shite, which she is going, is that no one ever comes along and presents her with a 'tab' for doing so. Recently, her flagship childcare policy was outed as being completely bogus, the SNP didn't do the work and if they cannot organise a 'babysitter', does anyone seriously think they could organise the defence of an independent Scotland?

The childcare policy is £700 million pounds short and 40,000 mums missing!

That Sturgeon's flagship, entirely bogus, no work done, and no realistic prospect of being able to be put into operation for perhaps 20 years if you are lucky post indy under their scheme!

I would suggest the scheme is just a gimmick like CND support to garner votes!

CND has been around along time, they haven't changed nothing, they are irrelevant not just in Scotland but on the world stage.

Still there is a trickle of voters there up for grabs; the unionists aren't going to get them so the SNP have stepped in.

Will the next generation of nuclear subs be brought online?

Yes, the UK sees this as vital, and of course, there is the issue of seat on the United Nations Security Council to consider, all the permanent members have nuclear weapons.
The Conservatives are currently committed to like-for-like replacement of the existing fleet, which has four subs, the Lib Dems favour a three boat fleet, whether it is three or four, the builds will go ahead.

Earlier in the week, Alex Salmond ruled out any deal of Trident as part of currency talks; that means he has no bargaining chip of interest to the UK. And with Salmond threatening to renege on Scotland's share of UK debt, Scotland's membership of NATO and the EU will be possibly blocked in a ‘tit for tat’ exchange.

The fact that the SNP is now scrounging for votes in the form of Nicola Sturgeon hawking herself round CND marches is entirely laughable. Well you take couple of hundred votes, Nicola, you will never take the country; people don't want to follow your poisonous vision.

As to the military, what does it say that she is willing to put their safety in jeopardy by leaving them is such a vulnerable position?

Who wants to be a soldier in the United States of Salmond when you know that the SNP Government doesn't have your back?

As I said, "too stupid" to be independent, they can't even organise a 'babysitter'!

Finally, Sturgeon said:

"I cannot think of any more powerful statement we can make to the world about what kind of country we will be, and what our place in the world will be".

A country run by thickos Nicola; that is the kind of country we would be, with as much relevance as the Isle of Man on the world stage.        

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

I looked at some of the pictures of the CND event Sturgeon attended - it wasn't a case of winning votes.

All the attendees are long time nationalists.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

I wasn't at the event and I think I am in the majority of Glaswegians blanking it.

Sadly this isn't unusual that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon can't draw a crowd.

It is becoming the norm.

When you are not liked, you are not liked.

Some people in life need to have their 'friends' bought for them from what I have seen.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University