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Scottish independence: SNP Minister Fiona Hyslop says: Why on Earth would we have a (EU) referendum on something that we don't agree with?" apparently Scots don’t have the right to think or have a vote for unless the Scottish National Party agrees with them, fascism as I previously blogged is back!

Dear All

External Affairs Secretary Fiona Hyslop was previously bumped from the education brief.

Apparently teachers and others got so annoyed by her poor judgment that Alex Salmond had to shift her.

Now, she is the External Affairs Secretary.

Hyslop boldly declares that the Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael is "insulting the people of Scotland."

Is that anything like the insulting done the SNP over their phoney independence campaign?

Or vote rigging at election carried out by some members to rig candidacies?

Or committing election fraud?

Ms. Hyslop also says that European Union leaders are "scaremongering" by insisting an independent Scotland would be ejected from the EU.

I am pretty sure that they are saying that if Scotland leaves the UK, they retain membership if they leave, that isn’t ejection; that is contract law dear!

Don’t have a contract, don’t have a membership, you don’t have a case.

And as a qualified lawyer, she must know she is talking out of her arse!

Alistair Carmichael said EU citizenship can be revoked from Scots if they leave the UK.

That is a point worth debating, Scotland as a nation wouldn’t be a member, but people holding British passports born in Scotland, and living in England probably would have continual EU rights.

It is important to separate ‘people’ from the ‘nation’ state.

So, if Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond was to stand on his EU rights, he personally may have a case for his personal situation, but rights associated with Scotland won’t exist. If he was recognized as an EU citizen due to a British passport, it won’t matter a jot in talks regarding Scotland’s membership.

When Scotland leaves the UK, it leaves the EU.

Carmichael cited Austrian fraudster Janko Rottmann who had his EU repealed after it was found to have been obtained by deception.

Interesting not like for like, although the common thread is law.

European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso has said it would be "difficult, if not impossible" for Scotland to join the EU some time ago.


Internal domestic politics in countries like Spain who have a large Nationalist movement, they would wish to defend their own internal situation first, so I suspect they won’t be giving Scotland a yes vote!

European Council chief Herman Van Rompuy said if a "part of a territory becomes a new independent state, EU treaties will no longer apply to that territory".

What he said is the real point, when East Germany joined West Germany and became a united country; this was firstly a matter of internal German politics. That being the case, East Germans by virtue found themselves EU members by default.

It seems that when law is explained to the SNP leadership, they despite having a Cabinet full of qualified lawyers just ignore what they are told.

The SNP previously spun the lies of automatic membership and no negotiations needed.

Both of these lies were peddled by the leadership of Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

The EU leaders' position was also echoed by EC vice-president Viviane Reding in a recent letter to Holyrood's European and External Relations Committee.

Given these people run the EU, and they make the decisions which others base their views on on while making decisions, the SNP won’t be getting any help, anytime soon.

Speaking at a Holyrood Committee, Hyslop said it was "inappropriate" to compare Scots to a criminal.

Carmichael although also qualified as a lawyer, his example is a poor choice, that being said, on the wider points which he struggled to get out he has a point.

Hyslop take that the EU leaders "have made political comments for political reasons", and insisted Scotland is "not a territory of Great Britain" is equally flawed. She has proof that EU leaders "have made political comments for political reasons?"

Well No, not a shred, it is assumption yet again presented as a fact.

Her pitch on why she is right, is to cling to comments of former European Court judge Sir David Edward.

He said it would be "absurd" to deprive Scots of their EU citizenship, I take his hook is the British passport which to base his claims on, however, Scotland as a Nation wouldn’t be a member.

To be blunt even if everyone in Scotland held a British passport that still wouldn’t matter as the issue of contract law cannot be sidestepped around.

That is why the SNP want a change in the treaty.

That option using article 48 isn’t going to fly, all new members must use article 49.

Committee convener Christina McKelvie is putting the SNP line to seek confirmation that member states would decide whether Scotland can continue in the EU through a treaty amendment under article 48 of the Lisbon Treaty.

Never happen.

Ms Hyslop says Reding's response, which made no mention of article 48 but outlined the usual EU accession route under article 49, "was not about Scotland in particular".

That doesn’t support the SNP’s case at all, in fact not speaking about something doesn’t assist the SNP advance their argument.

It is a bit like a murderer saying, ‘well no one ever told me that I couldn’t kill people’!

Assumption is as they say the mother of all fuck ups!

On the issue of being truly independent Hyslop said: that the SNP have ruled out giving Scots a vote on leaving the EU, stating:

"Why on Earth would we have a referendum on something that we don't agree with?"

It seems that democracy isn’t to the SNP‘s taste, also worth pointing out that Westminster gave Scotland its referendum despite that being something they don’t agree with.

Some people have higher standards than others.

With Scotland looking like it will not be a EU member, Unionists have suggested Scotland would have to set up border posts with England.

Border posts!

Not an EU country, border posts would go up, and if England sticks up posts, Scotland has to stick up posts.

Hyslop said:

"Alistair Carmichael came to this committee and used in evidence of the citizenship argument a case of deception. I don't think five million citizens of the EU in Scotland should be considered in any way shape or form in the same area. Not only was it inappropriate, it was quite insulting to the people of Scotland that the Secretary of State for Scotland came to this committee and used in evidence a case that was dealt with on the basis of the individual's criminality."

His badly worded point is that people can have their EU membership removed; his choice as I said is poor.

She added:

"Those that have sought to portray the route to membership as 'difficult, if not impossible' have been shown to be scaremongering”.

Why, because Edwards made a technical point, his point doesn’t stretch to Scotland as a Nation but I would contend focuses solely on the individual with a British passport.

Hyslop added:

"Both Mr Barroso and Mr Rompuy have made political comments for political reasons. I don't think it is the role of president of the EC to reflect on the internal workings of any member state. The EC has not taken a view on Scotland because they have not been presented with a view on Scotland. The correspondence you have received (from Ms Reding) and the comments have been made in general, not about Scotland in particular and our particular circumstances. Therefore I don't think you can read into this assumption of what is required by article 49 to apply to Scotland. Her letter talks about 'when part of a territory of a member state ceases to be part of that state'. We are not part of the territory - we are actually part of the union that established Great Britain in the first place. That is a different context."

Why does that mean?

In its purest form she is talking out her arse, and stretching a point to cover something which is a form of word juggling, the use of the word ‘territory’, we are not a ‘territory’ so the rules don’t apply to us!

That hasn't a leg to stand on!

Conservative MSP Jamie McGrigor asked if Scots would get a referendum on the EU after the Scottish independence vote.

Hyslop said:

"We as an SNP Government do not want to have a referendum on the EU. We don't think it's required because we believe that Scotland's best interests are served by having continued membership. Why on Earth would we have a referendum on something that we don't agree with?"

Mr McGrigor said:

"David Cameron obviously believes that giving people a choice is important."

A rather obvious putdown, one thing is certain, if you don’t have a contract between the Scottish Government and the EU, Scotland isn’t a member state, all that flow with it such as EU law, grants, and trade are affected, this doesn’t happen at present because Scotland is part of the UK, and by default automatically is part of the EU.

But the contract between Scotland and England, the Treaty of Union of 1707 must remain intact.

If that is broken, everything falls down, the Scottish National Party hasn’t done the work and oh how painfully it shows.

Scotland would face being shut out of the EU for some considerable time rather like Charles De Gaulle shut Britain out of the Common Market.

The Scottish National Party aren’t offering Scots independence, they are the ones that are insulting Scots!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University   

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