Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Staff from CAPU at human rights abusing Glasgow University drop by; ‘Anton Muscatelli fighting with his staff’, he should resign immediately!

Dear All



No, it’s nothing to do with coffee.

The Central Administration Planning Unit of human rights abusing Glasgow University has dropped by the blog.

Host name capu5239.mis.gla.ac.uk

IP Address

Their search engine phrase on google is, ‘Anton Muscatelli fighting with his staff’.

One can understand why and I certainly can, the guy’s a dick!

Over promoted beyond his abilities, he’s destroying the place I spent 20 years pottering about in.

The corrupt foreigner has a lot to answer for, from bad management to covering up criminal fraud, he has ‘the gift’, everything he touches turns to shit.


And recently he lied to a hall packed with students when he said:

“I want to make it clear we will always protect the rights of protesters at this university, we will always work with them to solve any grievances."


Muscatelli was involved in covering up criminal fraud, discrimination and bullying by senior management.

Time spent 23 mins 3 secs.

It seems that at the University of Guantánamo Bay, corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli is still losing the battle of hearts and minds.

Employees have no confidence in him!

Students have no confidence in him!

And George Laird is still publishing his allegations that Muscatelli covered up fraud in a publicly funded charity.

What a great hobby I have got, exposing people like Anton Muscatelli while his staff is busying reading my blog every day, Monday to Friday.

Reputation must be taking a beating methinks.

I see it as a resetting exercise myself, to its proper level.

And recently human rights abusing used the Data Protection Act 1998 to cover up the names of staff involved in criminal fraud at Glasgow University.


Then click on the request regarding online allegations submitted by Rob Smith.

The fight goes on against human rights abusers at Glasgow University.

Muscatelli can run but he can't hide!

And these pricks still owe me money and a formal apology.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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