Monday, May 9, 2011

Spindoctor Rami Okasha buried the Labour Party in Scotland, not very clever and over-promoted beyond his abilities, no George Laird radical thinking!

Dear All

So, how did the Labour Party lose the Scottish Holyrood election after having a 16 point lead?

You couldn’t put it down to a single issue, there were many incidents and events that sealed their fate.

Arrogance and stupidity played a huge part in their demise.

People who were promoted beyond their abilities in the Labour Campaign Team who were basically dicks!

Labour spin doctor Rami Okasha.

So, who is Rami Okasha?

Check this out.

Someone with a proven record of bad political judgement!

And check this as well.

As I said, a dick!

And would you put a dick in charge of a campaign?

Okasha is another one of the gits who was spawned out of the NUS Scotland straight into the Labour Party via the EIS.

His political track record includes standing in the 2005 Westminster election, Banff & Buchan, 4,476 votes (12.03 %).

He got humped stupid.

Now is a time of great unhappiness for the Labour Party and their candidates as people speak out.

One source said Okasha, an unelected figure, had a policy role as part of his duties.

“This was in spite of him knowing f*** all about policy.” said the insider.

But there was also others equally brain dead on the Labour team with Okasha that included general secretary Colin Smyth, campaign co-ordinator John Park, and aides to Gray.

I watched John Park on Newsnight Scotland and he came across to me as dense.

You may remember that I constantly on this blog flag up the laziness and stupidity of the Labour Party.

It is a crony infested hovel of idiots who think they are smarter than they actually are.

John Park who I describe as dense also irritated some Labour figures by pumping out what was described as a stream of “inane” campaign emails.

One insider said:

“Every one of his emails seemed to say it was ‘game on’ for Labour, despite what the polls were saying. It was so vapid.”

You might try to hoodwink the public but practicing self deception isn’t very bright, one clown tried that on me recently.

So, I left the idiot to stew in his own juice, he lost.

A losing candidate was scathing about Team Labour:

“If you find a Labour candidate who thinks that any of the senior officials in John Smith House were useful, I’d be surprised. Their inexperience was very apparent.”

Rather like tits on a bull!

At present the blame game centres on the ‘East Coast Weasel’ Iain Gray but it is a team effort and if the team are basket cases who are yesmen, the team is in trouble.

A senior Labour party source said Gray ignored a review on internal reform commissioned by his predecessor, Wendy Alexander.

He added:

“I don’t blame Iain for everything, but I blame him for not changing the structures. He said he would reform the party, but he didn’t. It was appalling.”

One former MSP said:

“Too many not very clever, over-promoted, allegedly senior people thought 2007 was a fluke. It wasn’t. The General Election result in Scotland compounded the complacency. People convinced themselves 2011 would be a shoe-in, with no need to face up to difficult policy questions.”

And in a damning critique a figure on the right of the party said:

“Iain Gray did nothing to reform candidate selection procedures and seek out talented new people. We are now left with dross.”

A motley crew of Parliamentary assistants, relatives of MSPs and nonentities!

Labour spin doctor Rami Okasha spun the Labour Party straight down the toilet, so why is he still in a job as director of communications.

Clearly this warmer has been outed as a liability so should be sent packing.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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