Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Former Professor at human rights abusing Glasgow University, now a Labour MSP calls for issuing of search warrants by Skype, F minus Pearson!

Dear All

Some people who get in Holyrood can’t wait to be a clown, Graeme Pearson, formerly of human rights abusing Glasgow University says that Sheriffs should be able to issue search warrants by Skype or video link.

Already in the door and he is making a clown of himself and publicly to boot.

No surprises that he is a Labour MSP.

As well as being a former ‘Professor’ at human rights abusing Glasgow University, Pearson, had a stint as director-general of the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency.

An agency which should be on the list for merger into the Scottish National Police Force, no more fiefdoms!

As a Labour MSP, Pearson believes such technology could end the row over who lets the police enter homes with Senior officers last week wanting the right to issue search warrants.

Skype is good for video calls but doesn’t overcome the problem that evidence should really be produce to justify the granting of a search warrant.

Or does Pearson think a video call can overcome this fact?

If he reckons technology can solve the problem then why Skype, why not just use the mobile phone?

Although Pearson isn’t on the same track as the Police, he said:

He said:

“If the police deem it necessary to search someone’s home or other premises it is right and proper that an independent authority should test the reasons for the action. In the current arrangement a police officer appears personally before the sheriff (no matter where he or she is at the time) and swears to the contents of the warrant in terms of the details.”

The Association of Scottish Police Superintendents (Asps), say investigations are being held up because they are waiting for too long to carry out searches.

That is bullshit.

This is like mission creep because no politician will back Police signing their own search warrants and as to the face on the telly doing so, will that be recorded and archived?

Because if a warrant was granted incorrectly; the evidence obtained at the scene would become void in a Court case.

To tamper with the current system with judges effectively under the Pearson idea becoming a rubber stamp is unacceptable.

Pearson should just keep quiet, by talking Pearson, Scottish Labour should now realise they have gotten a poor MSP.

I am surprised that he hasn’t used the ‘ticking bomb’ argument along with the other tripe he spouts.

Pearson also said:

“We can engage in web-based banking and digital buying using the internet but our justice system continues in the steam age.”

The only steam is out of his ears and I don’t think proper execution of justice should hang on ‘a ten to midnight phone call’.

Or even Skype.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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