Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nick Clegg says he is critical of SNP’s ‘politics of grievance’, he should read the SNP Manifesto and record, its all delivery and vision!

Dear All

This is funny; Nick Clegg attempted to step up the pressure on Alex Salmond by attacking the SNP leader’s style of politics.

The SNP went on their record of achievement in Government, 84 out of 94 pledges delivered.

It was more than just the politics of hope and aspiration but the politics of delivery.

His crew of Lib Dems were wiped out not by the SNP who benefited but by Clegg himself who buried his party.

The LibDem leader also said that he did not think that the union would be broken up under his watch.

The SNP will be giving that a damn good try.

Clegg said:

“I think the fact that Alex Salmond has now got a majority – I suspect that he is probably cursing the fact that he has got such a majority – because he has now got to take responsibility for stuff instead of constantly blaming everything on London. And constantly developing a sort of politics of grievance, which is very easy by the way in politics. It is very easy to be in charge and not take responsibility.”

Was Clegg asleep for the last four years?

The SNP had a better than decent record of achievement.

Clegg on the back foot also insisted that his party would have a “louder” voice over their differences with the Tories.

Up and down the UK, the Liberals have had a series of disastrous election results caused by Clegg, Cable, Alexander, Moore and Laws.

The longer Clegg stays attached to the Tories there is no chance of rebuilding their vote.

They can only take damage.

To show how bad it is getting, Leader Ed Miliband put the boot in on the Commons floor, describing Clegg as the “poor Deputy Prime Minister” who gets “dumped on every day of the week”.

An SNP spokesman said:

“Nick Clegg should focus on his own sorrows rather than the SNP’s success. One benefit of a majority government is that we won’t be held back by negativity and obstructionism that characterised the LibDems in the last Scottish Parliament.”

Tavish Scott who resigned firmly put the blame for the disaster in Scotland where it lay; the Lib Dems down south going into coalition with the Tories.

Someone is going to wake up and start the process of removal of Clegg because unless he goes, there can be no return of the Liberal vote.

Clegg should start working on his speech for entering the House of Lords because it will be pretty windy sitting on that branch by himself.

Nick Clegg is toxic.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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