Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Alex Salmond and the SNP increase voting lead to 18 points clear of the Labour Party, total collapse of Labour vote in Scotland expected!

Dear All

Far from stalling the SNP lead over the Labour Party has dramatically increased as the total Labour vote collapses.

This means if the polls hold up that Alex Salmond appears to be on course to form the second SNP Scottish Government.

In these difficult times the people of Scotland are looking at the best team to protect their interests.

And that’s why they are voting SNP.

Four years of competent government has sealed the deal with the public.

Spectacular delivery on:

Free higher education
Free prescriptions
Crime at a 32 year low
84 of 94 manifesto pledges kept
1,000 new police officers
Health budget safeguarded
Saving A&E departments
Abolishing bridge tolls
4 year Council tax freeze
£290 Glasgow Subway revamp

And my personal favourite; the new Southern General Hospital, £842 million pounds, 365 days a year, 24/7 serving 110,000 people a year!

The latest survey puts the party 18 points clear of the Labour Party in the constituency vote and 13 points ahead in the regional vote.

In the closing hours of the campaign, the SNP won’t be stopping; they want every vote in Scotland and will be fighting to the last minute for them.

The TNS-BRMB poll, for broadcasters STV, was published as political leaders prepared to make their last pitch to floating voters in the final televised debate.

Support for the SNP is at 45%.

The poll also shows the total collapse of the Labour vote plunging down 11 points to 27%.

Conservatives steady at 15%.

Liberal Democrats up from 7% to 10%.

Ordinary people are deserting the Labour Party in Scotland.

Every television debate has been a car crash for Iain Gray; he struggled from the get go, if it could go wrong it did go wrong!

At the start Labour attempted to make it into a Westminster election, a misjudgement of epic proportions.

Result suggest that the SNP stand to gain seats which some put as high as 61, this would be a remarkable achievement.

All down to hard work!

For the Labour Party, four years of negative opposition which saw them voting against everything they wanted in the Scottish budget will be seen as a signpost that marked the way to political destruction.

An opposition must be credible and Labour singly failed to provide any.

Another tactic out of the Labour Party election play book which showed them as incompetent was knife crime, ridiculed by other parties and even the press which is normally pro Labour in nature.

Everyone right across the board decided enough is enough.

The fight isn’t over, 10.00 pm the polls close and then we wait, for Iain Gray it is the end of a disastrous campaign.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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