Thursday, May 5, 2011

Glasgow University product Johann Lamont gets ridiculed after she says 2 million voters are up for grab, time for refund on her university education?

Dear All

The Labour Party is claiming that there could be about 2 million undecided voters floating about the place hold the key to today’s election for the Holyrood Parliament.

I wasn’t undecided myself.

If there are so many voters up for grabs, it reinforces my argument that political parties need to have better trained activists because no one is giving votes away, they have to be earned.

It isn’t just the message that is important but the way the message is presented by those who espouse it.

You need to have good people skills in order to relate to your intended audience.

How not to win friends and influence people, Glasgow University product Johann Lamont, is a very unhappy bunny after Pollok SNP led by Chris Stephens ran a blinder of a campaign against her.

Labour’s deputy Scottish leader Johann Lamont ranting said:

“The SNP are arrogantly slapping themselves on the back before a single vote has been cast, but the only poll that matters is polling day and every hour until the polls close Labour will be fighting for every vote”.

She added:

“Voters know there is a clear choice at this election – a Labour focused on abolishing youth unemployment, halving cancer waiting times and tackling knife crime, or an SNP Government distracted by its obsession with breaking Scotland off from the rest of the UK”.

And the rant goes on:

“Alex Salmond says this vote will give him the moral authority to push for independence which for most families is a total distraction from what really matters.”

The only job that Johann Lamont is fighting for is her one!

And if she gets her doughy ass shoved out in the street expect severe howling and gnashing of teeth.

It is about three and a half hours to the polls close and the fight goes on!

Then the counts and the heckling begin.

Election special from our roving reporter and his trusty £10 digital camera with rechargeable batteries!

If the polls hold up the SNP would gain seven seats, taking them to 54.

Fingers crossed that Lamont gets political humped.

Deputy leader Nicola Sturgeon said yesterday:

“The real vote takes place on Thursday and these are excellent poll figures”.


“They will motivate every potential supporter to vote SNP in both the constituency and list votes to ensure that Scotland re-elects the Scottish Government and Alex Salmond for First Minister – so that vital measures such as the council-tax freeze, maintaining the 1000 additional police officers, and protection of the health budget, are secured.”

Politics expert Professor James Mitchell, of Strathclyde University has also cast doubt on Labour’s claims, saying:

“I don’t think there’s a huge amount left to play for. The notion that undecided mean it’s all to play for fails to understand that a lot of these people will never vote anyway”.

That poor Glasgow University product Johann Lamont isn’t as bright as she thinks, the writing is on the wall.

Mitchell also said:

“Last year the SNP made the mistake of fighting a Westminster election based on assumptions about the previous Holyrood result. Now Labour has made the same mistake, making assumptions based on Westminster last year. The SNP came a cropper then, now it’s Labour’s turn to get it wrong.”

Why is Johann Lamont Labour’s deputy leader anyway?

Up popped Pollster Chris Eynon who also questioned Labour’s assumptions, saying the party’s interpretation of the number of undecided voters was wide of the mark.

There are a lot of Glasgow University products like Lamont that think they are cleverer than they really are.

The myth of Glasgow University superiority can only be sustained by myth alone.

As the clock ticks down to 10.00 pm, the voters will get their chance.

Today, I met a Labour voter who said that Iain Gray was a “lightweight”!

And I have to add, this being a factual blog that the guy also opined that Gray was a “wanker”!

Hardcore Labour man that I met at the polling station while talking to a Labour activist trying to sell the Labour brand!

I think the result is all over bar the shouting, Alex Salmond and his team have done enough to win and they deserve to be returned.

Iain Gray has a lot of work to do because even diehards have lost the faith.

As for Glasgow University product Johann Lamont, let’s keep our fingers crossed she gets cooked.

Election special tomorrow on the winners and losers!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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