Monday, May 2, 2011

Gail Sheridan hits the election trial in East Kilbride; Solidarity isn’t a credible force, major image revamp needed including name change

Dear All

Unfortunately, Tommy Sheridan who was very much a figure head in Glasgow politics won’t coming out to play as the Holyrood election draws to its close due to a severe case of detention.

Barlinnie can play havoc on your political and social life but on the bright side he is winning loads of chocolate.

However, his wife, Glasgow Sarah Palin, Gail Sheridan will be on the election campaign trail as it enters the final few days.

Gail will join her sister-in-law Lynn Sheridan who will be out meeting voters in East Kilbride in her attempt to get elected.

Lynn Sheridan is standing as a candidate for Solidarity, which her brother co-leads, in the Scottish Parliament election on May 5.

Although it will be good experience, Solidarity won’t win because the socialists aren’t professional enough.

The donkey jacket, woolly hat and boiler suit brigade lack style and substance necessary to be credible.

Presentation matters!

Most political parties in the mainstream know this, crafted images are the norm with them; it like make up can cover up a number of flaws of the publicly unelectable.

Lynn Sheridan said her brother had sent a message to voters from prison to get "fighters and campaigners" back in the Scottish Parliament.

Solidarity candidates are standing in every region in Scotland while in Glasgow they are part of George Galloway's Coalition Against Cuts Group.

Lynn Sheridan is the party's top candidate for the Central Scotland regional list.

So Gail Sheridan will show her support for her sister-in-law by campaigning alongside her at East Kilbride Shopping Centre which is a sensible idea, high profile high volume spot.

I don’t see Solidarity returning anyone at this election, their image isn’t right, their messages aren’t well presented and also candidate image leaves a lot to be desired.

Rule of thumb is when going for a job interview you dress to impress.

Cutting about like a load of tramps who you might want to give 50p to doesn’t win elections.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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