Friday, July 12, 2013

Scottish independence: Project Fear VS Project Hate, the Unionists have used a bit of scaremongering and the Nationalist side as we are seeing is brimming with hatred, at present I am subject to a targeted vicious smear campaign

Dear All

For quite some time, I have blogged on the lack of a work ethic in the Scottish National Party, as well as that I have highlighted also the genuine lack of talent in the party.

Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said in a video that:

“This is our big chance”!

So, why didn’t Alex Salmond and she prepare the bid properly?

In almost every area there is no substance at all in any policy area, at present they are working on a White Paper which is a story that they are concocting just now, the SNP have been supposedly a political party for 80 years.

Everyone knows that Alex Salmond has tried to bounce Scotland into a Yes vote by populism, big smiles, wee flags, pulling on the Braveheart sentiment and of course a few balloons and street stalls.

Alex Salmond is an opportunist and an utter buffoon.

His recent photobombing stunt at Wimbledon was utterly inappropriate in the Royal Box where he was an invited guest.

It showed a lack of class.

One of the latest ideas to emerge involving Salmond is that he is going on a diet, the BIKINI diet.

The ‘jolly fat man’ is said to be a bit of a pie man!

Whether Salmond is clinically obese or not won’t make a difference to the independence vote; neither will use a comb to push his hair forward for his television appearances such as at FMQs.

Combs, diets, spin, hype, smoke and mirrors, cheap petty stunts, Salmond has tried them all and they don’t work, poll after poll sends the same message back to him…. No!

Down south, the lack of detail by the Nationalists hasn’t gone unnoticed, the Chancellor George Osborne is said to have been taken aback by how poorly the SNP's independence campaign has gone.

This is according to Downing Street sources.

George Osborne has been tasked by David Cameron to be the UK Government's chief campaign co-ordinator.

Some people say that Osborne is supposed to be pretty sharp on the campaigning of politics, mostly that type of talk comes from the Tories themselves.

Anyway, Osborne is said to be "staggered" by the lack of detail coming from the Scottish Government.

The reason is quite simple; Alex Salmond loaded up the Scottish Government with his cronies as Spads, some of whom are failed SNP candidates at the ballot box.

A Whitehall insider likened the battle to "professionals versus amateurs".

Alex Salmond runs a middle class clique who has such a narrow outlook, hence everything about this campaign is about promoting a few people into the spotlight; they think if they can keep talking, that it will be meaningful to the people.

People have already made their minds up.

Alex Salmond says at present this is the “phoney war”, already a casualty of this period is the truth; we have been lied to on a whole range of issues by the Scottish National Party.

Downing Street sources made clear that the Chancellor believes his campaign is "going much better than any of us could have hoped. We have created that debate".

In some respects this campaign is Project Fear VS Project Hate, the Unionists have used a bit of scaremongering and the Nationalist side as we are seeing is brimming with hatred, some of which I have personally experienced as they sink.

At present I am subjected to a sustained hate campaign from the Nationalist side, this is real gutter politics from a small minded provincial little man.

This is an example of the ‘talent’ that stands with Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, the curtain is lifting on the Nationalists mindset, it is a rather ugly picture.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

‘Alex Salmond is an opportunist and an utter buffoon.’

Quite right, George. What is more, I think the man has never grown up, and I would cite as evidence:

1. His stunt at Wimbledon;

2. The saltire-print tie he wears all the time;

3. His failure to condemn the bullying of Nigel Farage;

5. Signing off his letters ‘Yours for Scotland’;

And, going back in time a bit, but certainly not to be forgotten:

6. His disruption of the 1988 Budget (which, ironically, was triggered by the Chancellor’s pledge to cut corporation tax…a policy which Salmond is now championing for indyScotland);

These, and virtually everything else he says and does, are not the actions of the political mastermind he has been portrayed, but of somebody whose mind is not fully developed.

Now, that begs the question: how on earth can somebody apparently so juvenile rise to be the most powerful man in the country?

Simple: a combination of lousy enemies and a thoroughly disengaged electorate. But these two factors are moving against him in a big way - so much so that I would be staggered if ‘Yes’ manages to exceed 20% of the vote. (I’m actually calculating 17%, and am going to stick £50 on this if I can get good enough odds).

Cheers, Derrick