Friday, July 12, 2013

Nationalist MSP Bill Walker may have slapped second wife 'to calm her down' as he put his knee on her chest while she was pinned to the floor, unarmed combat ‘expert’ Bill Walker allegedly defeats knife wielding wife!

Dear All

In politics, you rarely hear much about the personal lives of politicians; however, they seem rather keen to hear about yours.

And sometimes their private live doesn’t match up to the public persona of the humble superhero who was plucked by destiny to save the masses while previously having the same attributes of a Miss World Contestant.

Nationalist MSP Bill Walker is facing 23 charges of assault and one charge of breach of the peace.

So far the public have been treated to enough drama of the Braveheart’s life; William Wallace must be rolling in his grave.

The latest episode of the increasingly must see Court case is that Nationalist MSP "may have slapped" his second wife to calm her down.

At the time, Ms. Gruber wasn’t standing on a sinking ship like the independence camnpaign or indeed in a burning building.

Det Sgt Paul Dick related in evidence that Bill Walker told him he wrestled Anne Gruber, 71, to the floor in their home in the 1980s.

The reason for the fracas was he was trying to disarm Mrs. Gruber, who was holding a knife.

Bill Walker has been unlucky in love as Maureen Traquair, Anne Walker, Anne Louise Paterson and Diana Walker can presumably all agree.

On the fourth day of the trial, Det Sgt Dick gave a graphic description which had Bill Walker disarming Mrs. Gruber who he alleges had a kitchen before wrestling her to the ground.

The court was told that Mrs. Gruber had been drinking whisky and lemonade prior to the alleged confrontation, in tackling the alleged armed assailant, he placed a knee on her chest in his bid to take the blade from her.

So, he shoots pigeons, knows how to handle weapons and appears to be an expert in unarmed combat.

And he has a few quid!

As to his third wife, Bill Walker told police, that he regretted marrying her.

He added:

"I was a good meal ticket. I married her on the rebound. It was a mistake."

I guess this statement makes a post at the Scottish Foreign Office of an independent Scotland out of the question; it seems that diplomacy isn’t exactly Bill’s strong point.

So, four wives and lots of stories!

The excitement is gripping the nation, Man VS Women played out at Edinburgh Sheriff Court with Sheriff Katherine Mackie.

Nicola Sturgeon is out chasing the women’s vote so no sign of her at the trial, there are a lot of women in Scotland, and she is probably out talking to the non black eyed section, telling them about fairness, equality and social justice, because that is what her nationalism is based on.

That may sound rather hollow to the 15,000 Scots families who having had their legal right to buy their council homes removed by her.

That’s Nicola’s slap in the face to working class Scots.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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