Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond's key adviser departs at crucial point for Yes campaign, in comes an old relic from the Holyrood press corps to try and spin independence to people, another major blunder, Campbell Gunn steps onto sinking ship!

Dear All

Scottish independence is dead, Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond is desperate, the clock’s ticking but the sands of time are running too quick for him.

Recently two of Yes Scotland’s senior directors have jumped ship; the campaign at Hope Street just wasn’t working out.

Maybe Yes Scotland will move offices to Hopeless Street or just ask the Council for a temp name change to reflect their efforts.

Jumping ship is contagious, once it starts, it is like quicksilver; everyone starts to keep an eye on the exit.

The latest blow to Alex Salmond is his senior adviser leaving his post at a crucial point in the referendum campaign, maybe he is another going for ‘personal reasons’ or ‘other opportunities’!

Salmond has lost his head of policy; the guy is called Alex Bell, however Government sources insist he was not forced out, you can believe that if you want.

Bell was a key member of the team of special advisers at the Scottish Government's headquarters, St Andrew's House in Edinburgh.

Coming in is a long-standing political journalist Campbell Gunn to beef up its media team.

Gunn was former at the Sunday Post, never read it!

With Bell going, Salmond has been replacing a back-room strategist with a front-office publicist.

Presumably another sign of how increasingly deranged he is becoming, I have already pointed out that you can’t spin your way to independence.

A front-office publicist can try and sell a vision, but Salmond doesn’t have one!

A spokesman for the First Minister said:

"Campbell brings a wealth of experience to the special adviser team, which will be a huge asset. Alex's contribution has been significant, not least in helping secure the Edinburgh Agreement, and we wish him well in his future endeavours."

So, Gunn will be braced for tough questioning, particularly when the White Paper is published in September, the White paper will be torn apart as vacuous because the SNP have effectively been substance lite for some time, expect nirvana and milk and honey of how everything will be wonderful.

Do you know why the market for selling shit is small?

It is because nobody wants it!

So far, everything done in the Scottish independence campaign has been a total failure, people don’t believe a word Salmond and Sturgeon say, they have no one to work for them, Yes Scotland is a dud, the government hasn’t functioned properly since taking office, and no one is donating to the independence campaign.

Campbell Gunn is taking up a post to sell something that no one wants to buy, the market in Scottish independence has closed, people have made up their minds and the answer is no!

How smart is Gunn if he can’t see that, stepping onto a sinking ship, maybe he was looking for a hobby in his retirement with a pay packet attached!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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