Monday, July 8, 2013

Labour Councillor of Shame Sohan Singh's hotel banned from selling alcohol after trading without licence, what an incredibly bad choice the Labour Party made by selecting him for Glasgow North East Ward

Dear All

Awhile ago, I dubbed the previous Glasgow Labour Council, the Labour Council of Shame!

The Labour Party seeing the amount of deadwood decided to have a cull; unfortunately, some people were unjustly treated and got bumped.

Some others should have been shown the door a long time ago.

One of the people who is definitely in need of being out on the bricks is Sohan Singh.

Since becoming a Labour Councillor, Singh has re-invented himself as a Labour Councillor of Shame.

In the past, he has operated an illegal Landlord, suspended by the council's ruling Labour group for several weeks after parking in a disabled bay, warned about liquor law breaches at his city Kelvin Lorne Hotel. The latest in the catalogue of disgrace is a hotel he owns called the Artto Hotel has been trading without a liquor licence for more than a year.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said:

"Police attended the Artto Hotel on Hope Street today and told the management they were no longer allowed to sell alcohol. It can remain open as a hotel but not sell alcohol."

Singh’s excuse was:

"I am the owner of the hotel. Nothing more. I don't run it. But this seems to be little more than a bureaucratic oversight. The manager was licensed and the firm which took over last June believed this was all that was required. They were unaware that the liquidation of the previous company meant the licence no longer had effect. In all the years this hotel has been running, we've never had issues with the police. This is an issue of paperwork, which lawyers are now dealing with."

In case you don’t know what Singh is saying, it is called mitigation.

Speaking in an obvious sense of outrage, a friend of Singh said:

"If Sohan wasn't a councillor, nobody would bat an eyelid at this. Which businessman has every 'i' dotted and 't' crossed? The police have acted on a complaint and you've got to ask by whom."

Sounds like shit to me, apparently Mr. Singh is fraternised by politicians from across the spectrum.

This is because he has money, both the Labour Party and the SNP are always on the outlook for potential donors, if Singh was kicked out of Labour, then the SNP would welcome him and his money with open arms.

In trying to make political capital out of the situation, the current caretaker SNP leader at Glasgow City Council Graeme Hendry said a pattern had clearly emerged with Mr Singh's businesses.

Would that be he employs people who don’t give a fuck until they get caught breaking regulations?

Hendry added:

"Yet again this so-called Labour A-list councillor has shown he has little or no regard for operating within the rules administered by his own council. Unfortunately, this lax approach to the rules seems to reflect the whole Glasgow Labour approach to governing. Labour's definition of an A-list candidate would be Z-list anywhere else."

Actually the part time SNP leader is wrong, Singh’s fuck ups, don’t transfer across to the rest for the simple reason that they aren’t involved. Poor spin, and if we look back to not so ancient history, the SNP welcomed with open arms Irfan Rabbini, you can google his history. Speaking of Z list, the current crop of SNP Councillors are Team Sturgeon cronies.

I wonder if SNP Councillor Graeme Hendry knows who in his SNP group has been dubbed the ‘illiterate councillor’?

And further to that every SNP candidate selected for the Euro elections is either a Team Salmond or Team Sturgeon crony.

Z list?

I think Graeme Hendry should train his less than forensic skills on Sturgeon’s cronies many of whom are part time councillors holding down other jobs.

These people aren’t holding anyone to account.

As to 2017, the next Glasgow City Council election, Labour Party has already won that election, Glaswegians saw how poor Nicola Sturgeon’s cronies are, and you have to look at how the Scottish independence campaign has totally collapsed. Recently half the senior management team of Yes Scotland has abandoned ship.

It seems that Nicola Sturgeon’s statement of:

“This is our big chance” isn’t shared by her 90 minute Nationalists.   

Alex Salmond’s 90 minute Nationalists aren’t exactly ‘talented’ as the SNP hype would have you believe, looking at the CV’s you might be tempted to think high flyers, poll after poll shows they can’t even taxi on the runway never mind do a solo flight.

As to Sohan Singh, we haven’t heard the last of him, like a bad penny there will be more stories which will show that just as Labour were right to have a clear out, they should have exercised better judgment and scrutiny in the new intake.

Given independence support has collapsed, it is highly unlikely he will jump to the SNP; presumably he can spot a bad investment.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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