Thursday, July 4, 2013

Scottish independence: Nicola Sturgeon robs working class Scots of their historic and legal right to buy their council home, anti working class SNP drop their phoney ‘standing up for Scotland’ act; soon it will be no home and no jobs under Sturgeon for Scots!

Dear All

For some time, I have been saying that the Scottish National Party under Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon is anti working class.

George Laird right again!

Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is going to rob working class people of their historic right to buy their council houses.

In a move that even the Tories wouldn’t even consider, the anti working class SNP is to draw a line under one of Margaret Thatcher’s most iconic policies.

If you live in social housing, you will have until the autumn of 2017 to apply to buy your home at a reduced rate.

This policy was a rare gem for the Tories which proved massively popular as nearly half-a-million families in Scotland taken up the offer.

Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t stay in council or social housing; she lives in a new build detached house in the East End of Glasgow with a small conservatory.

Ms. Sturgeon has now firmly taken up the mantle vacated by Wendy Alexander as Scotland premier Champagne Socialist.

Since taking office the SNP have ran an effective campaign to con working class people that they are on their side, the truth is quite the opposite.

Nicola Sturgeon isn’t standing up for Scots and neither is Alex Salmond, they are pulling up the ladder to ensure people at the bottom remain at the bottom. The SNP is probably doing this measure as part of their plan to allow mass immigration if there is a Yes Vote.

So, not only will working class Scots be shut out of a home, they will also be shut out of jobs as well.

People of Scotland have been conned, they thought they were voting in a left wing government only to find out they have duped, the SNP are more right wing than the Scottish Tories. Last night Tory leader Ruth Davidson was given an open goal by the SNP as she stood up for ordinary working class people.

Ms. Davidson now has a policy for Holyrood 2016; restore the right for working class people to buy their council home.

Will this move by the SNP prove popular?

No, as I previously said, there is a genuine lack of talent in the SNP, and now, it is bubbling to the surface.

Sturgeon insisted:

“It is absolutely vital people can access social housing when they need it most. Social housing is under significant pressure and so too are the budgets that support it.”

This will not free up a single home unless people move or die.

She added:

“The Scottish Government is doing everything possible to maximise our investment in housing and deliver on our target of 30,000 new, affordable homes over the lifetime of this parliament. But, given the pressure on both the housing stock and budgets and with 400,000 people on waiting lists for social housing we can no longer afford to see badly needed homes lost to the social sector.”

So, rather than building enough homes, she seeks to rob the poorest Scots in society of their opportunity and legal right.

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson said:

“Right-to-buy has been the most effective single measure to enable a whole generation on modest incomes to take pride in owning their own property. It has enabled thousands of people to make better choices about their future and given them financial security and a flexibility their parents could only dream about. But it’s a choice that the SNP wants to take away from the next generation. Ending the right to buy for council tenants slams the door in the faces of families with modest incomes who want to own their own home and who have no other route to achieve that aspiration.”

Scottish Labour MSP James Kelly said:

“The SNP seem to have some very odd priorities when it comes to housing. On one hand, they will stop right-to-buy, but on the other have slashed the housing budget so that the number of new social homes being built has collapsed.”

He added:

“While today’s decision will impact on some, the real difference is that housing has been simply left on the sidelines. Through kick-starting the economy, they could have ensured much-needed homes were built.”

So, further proof and George Laird right again, the Scottish National Party is anti working class, imagine all those working class members out campaigning who Sturgeon has robbed of the chance to own their own home. Today, they must feel like mugs and realising that the SNP is run as a clique where they are the ‘cheap Labour’ to get them elected.

Votes for independence are steadily dropping; add now, another 15,000 families who will be voting no!

It’s time that working class Scots got into the fight not just against independence but against the Scottish National Party.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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