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Scottish independence: Alex Salmond says at present the battle of Scottish indy is the “phoney war”, battle finished ages ago, Better Together won the battle of the minds and hearts, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon lost the goodwill and trust of the people

Dear All

Awhile ago I was chatting away to my friend about the percentage the Yes Camp would get at the independence referendum.

He said in his opinion it would be around 20% of the vote.

During this campaign both sides will try and put their case in the best possible light, however, both sides have people who stray off the path of truth and go on a fanciful tale which ranges from ‘nirvana’ to ‘hell on Earth’.

As always the truth is somewhere in the middle, the SNP says it wants independence but when you look at their details, you find out that they aren’t credible at all.

Recently on welfare, the detail was so vague to be laughable, when the “experts” published their report within 24 hours they were in hiding.

On the EU, we have been lied to by the SNP, on NATO; I would suggest that the ‘conversion’ is nothing more than a stunt.

Looking at the currency situation that was presented as a fait accompli by the SNP that there would be a currency union, this again was without consent or negotiation.

Assumptions are not facts.

And if you need another key indicator that the Scottish independence bid is completely and utter bankrupt it is staring you right in the face, no government and no local government reform.

There should have been also a plan for a Scottish currency, up and down the line, the whole bid is bogus.

It involves Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon trying to get as much air time as possible on the basis that if they keep talking about independence they will shift the vote by tales of how wonderful everything will be.

It won’t.     

Down south senior Coalition sources claim the only question left is how small the Yes vote will be on September 18, 2014.

As I said, my friend says 20%, personally I think it would be around the 30% mark as that historically has been where independence support lies.

Poll after poll shows that Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon and Yes Scotland can’t shift it, there is an issue of trust, and as we are seeing, what the SNP say in public is sometimes completely different in private. At the weekend a story emerged that there is a secret plan for steep tax rises for the middle class. Given things are bad enough know, who wants to risk their homes if this goes ahead?

Alex Salmond recently said the current debate was the "phoney war" before the campaign proper began.

He must have missed the battle, because it has already been fought by the public, the answer is no!


And the reason it is no is because the Scottish National Party has over played their hand considerably, no one is willing to work for the SNP, no one is willing to be part of Yes Scotland seen as an SNP front, no one is willing to donate and people are walking away in droves, typical a Yes Scotland stall is a handful people despite the SNP, the SSP, the Greens and all the other little ‘made up’ groups which purport to be independent.

Its people from the various parties trying to hoodwink people that there is a groundswell, these people aren’t a groundswell, not even a trickle.

Awhile ago, Martin Compston said he became a believer in independence because he hated the Tories.

That isn’t a reason for independence but it shows how bankrupt some people are in their ideology.

As to the ‘positive case’ for independence, it doesn’t exist; it is a negative campaign along the lines of ‘everything is the fault of Westminster’.

Well, there are a lot of things which are the fault of Westminster which could be fixed but then the same applies to Holyrood.

Some of the stuff produced as Law is unremarkable tripe!

And aren’t some people really pleased with themselves having produced it.  

Will more devolution becoming to Scotland?

Yes, but I think there is scope for a third way going forward.

A senior source close to David Cameron has said that in their opinion the Coalition believed the chance of independence no longer existed.

A UK Minister said:

"We have won the argument on independence."

I would say there is truth in that but in my opinion; Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon have lost it.

The UK Minister added:

"Ordinary people on the doorsteps have made their mind up about this issue. But they may vote Yes next September for other reasons. We are now fighting to ensure we've got a big enough majority to determine what happens after the referendum."

Alex Salmond went too soon, and as he effectively operates a clique, the ideas have dried up, two clear terms of successful government was needed as a minimum for a decent attempt, the public sector reforms were essential to that process, not change for change sake.

Nothing happened; it is nothing more than a rich man’s virtual campaign with people who have lost the public trust.

The SNP isn’t in my opinion a political party; it is a self serving clique which has conned its own working class SNP members into being a source of cheap labour for it. The actual reality on the ground is that few people are willing to work with these people because it is a rather nasty vile and poisonous group.

The pro-UK forces want as big a win as possible to stop the SNP resurrecting their campaign after 2014, all their energy is directed to that end, as the SNP flounder, it should be mentioned that these people are the architects of their own doom.

Whitehall insiders compared Westminster's approach to Holyrood's to "professionals versus amateurs."

You may remember I said there was a genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party.

George Laird right again!

Even the Whitehall insiders agree with me.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

There was not much chance of Independence based on a Hollywood movie. SNP sucked in halfwits who repeatedly reran said movie until they wore out the tape.
But not so much halfwits that even they could see that no real work had been done by their masters.