Saturday, July 13, 2013

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond claims Scottish independence would be all gain, no pain for Scots,that is a lie, it’s a big lie, many Scots would lose their jobs in key areas such as military shipbuilding, Salmond and Sturgeon are fooling no one anymore!

Dear All

Having completely failed to win over Scottish people to his and Nicola Sturgeon’s poisonous vision, Alex Salmond is now trying a new tactic.

Trying to hoodwink Scots that they are voting for ‘Devo Max’ instead of independence, Salmond says Scotland can leave the political union with Westminster while still holding to five other unions.

Those unions are the EU, Nato, the currency, the Crown and its social ties with the rest of England and Wales.

On the first two, the EU and NATO, that isn’t guaranteed, the currency union requires the consent of Westminster and he won’t get it, the Crown as people well know is despised by a large section of the Scottish National Party, and as to the social ties that is just meaningless.

The end of political union according to Salmond will be wonderful and carry no problems, this is untrue, Scotland would see the closing of shipyards on the Clyde; those people would lose their jobs.

Salmond also made the pitch that an independent Scotland would never be a country for the super rich.

I don’t believe a word he says any more, his career is ending in spectacular failure, this independence campaign is all about the super rich and nothing to do with ordinary people.

Any ‘standing up for Scotland’ nonsense isn’t about protecting working class people rather than protecting potential votes.  

Salmond said:

"The political union does not work for Scotland any more. It holds Scotland back and imperils our future. It will not bend and it will not change of its own accord. So we will, we must, change it. We must address and fundamentally change the political and economic union as a matter of urgency. This political union is only one of six unions that govern our lives today in Scotland, and the case for independence is fundamentally a democratic one."

What he actually means is that he and the SNP want more power, nothing more, and given the farce that is currently passing as 'government', less would be better.

He added:

"A vote for independence next year will address the democratic deficit which sees policies like the punitive bedroom tax, the renewal of Trident or Royal Mail privatisation imposed on Scotland against the wishes of Scotland's democratically elected representatives. But that will still leave five other unions intact. We will embrace those other unions while using the powers of independence to renew and improve them."

All Salmond is doing is using current difficulties as justification, presumably we are all to forget how easily he U turns such as his position on the Euro, and also his disastrous policies on supporting RBS and being against intervention in Kosovo.

A Better Together spokesman said:

"Alex Salmond wants us to believe that if we vote for separation then somehow everything will change. But nothing will change. It is absolute rubbish."

Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie said:

"If we slam the door in the face of the UK they may just lock it from the other side."

Poll after poll says that Scottish people are going to vote No to independence, I will be one of those people, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon are unworthy of trust, they will say anything to get a vote from people.

This ‘devo max’ strategy is just another timely reminder that Alex Salmond is an utter buffoon latching onto anything such as the bedroom tax to justify his position.

He is morally and politically bankrupt!

And when it comes crashing down around his ears in September 2014 at the ballot box, Nationalists will look back and see that him and Sturgeon aren’t running a political party but rather a nasty vicious vile clique who are all about their own self advancement.

George Laird will be right again!

Alex Salmond is nothing but an opportunist, not bright and certainly not a master mind, you just have to look at his stupid, ill judged stunt at Wimbledon in the Royal box to realise, Scots made a mistake in 2011.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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